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Number of Arrests for SEC Schools from 2010-2013

Courtesy of @RedditCFB

124 Arrests total. Good God!! Looks like Missouri was a great fit into the SEC. Where you at Texas A&M? Get with the fucking program you stiffs. I don’t care if you are a Military ROTC school. Those guys are usually the craziest fuckers around. Start a bar fight or donkey punch some Cleat chaser, shit. I’m guessing Saban has the Tuscaloosa PD on the payroll because 7 can’t be right. And I swear Tennessee has more than 5 as well. I’m pretty sure they doubled that in 2014 but that was just a raging house party so it shouldn’t count. UGA and Florida are keeping their solid reputation as the Criminals of the Conference. Hey I lived in Athens and I don’t know anyone who wasn’t arrested at some point or another. You should be given 1 “Get out of Jail Free” Card whenever you start school there. Factor it into Tuition somehow.

Here’s a Breakdown of UGA Arrests

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Alabama Family Photo…It’s a Doozy!!

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Well one good thing Bama fans are good for is good laugh. Holy shit!! This is a Christmas Card if I’ve ever seen one. Only thing missing is that dudes Ass Crack hanging out.  Guess he decided to class it up for family picture day. There is so much wrong with this picture. One being him and his wife’s fat asses in the fore front. Lil Man is within inches of getting squished to his death. You know these kids are named Saban, Bear, Crimson, and Tide too. Thanks for the Laughs Bama Fans!!