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Gurley Suspended…Ain’t That Bout a Bitch

Son of a bitch!! Breaking new is Todd Gurley is suspended pending investigation on NCAA Rule Violations. FUCK!! Being a fan of sports in the State of GA is worse than having ebola. We don’t know yet what TG3 did but I guarantee he didn’t rape a chick or steal or assault someone. I’m guessing it’s a similar case to AJ Green a couple years ago when he took $$ for a jersey. I hate the NCAA. Here we go again Dawg fans. Half way through a promising season in a weak SEC East with “Arguably” the best player in the country and boom. Talk about a case of blue balls. I feel like I get them every fall. This just fucking sucks. Hopefully Chubb can get us through this week and Gurley can return to finish the season.

Florida Family Caught Cooking Meth After One of Them Butt Dials 911 #WTW

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TSG– A Florida trio is facing narcotics manufacturing charges after one of the suspects pocket-dialed 911 and a police operator stayed on the line for nearly half-an-hour listening to them “talking about making and selling methamphetamine,” according to a police report. The operator, cops noted, also detected a “bubbling sound as if something was cooking.” Investigators traced the call early Saturday to a shed in the backyard of a home in Deltona, a city 30 miles north of Orlando. When Volusia County Sheriff’s Office deputies peered into an open window, they spotted material indicating that the shed housed a methamphetamine lab, including a “bottle that appeared to be smoking.” Additionally, white smoke billowed from the shed. Deputies raided the structure and arrested Donna Knope, 55; Jason Knope, 32; and Thomas Stallings, 41, for manufacturing and possessing methamphetamine. A search of the shed, cops noted, yielded “all of the makings of an active meth lab, including coffee filters, a butane torch, batteries, drain opener, plastic tubing, hypodermic needles, lithium strips, lighter fluid, plastic bags and numerous plastic bottles containing a white substance.” Investigators do not know which of the suspects inadvertently tipped them to the existence of the meth operation. The Knopes–Donna is Jason’s mother–live in the home behind which the meth lab was operating. Stallings, who lives at another Deltona residence, is currently on probation in connection with a burglary conviction. During the 911 call, the police dispactcher reported, a man who identified himself as “Tommy” stated that he was on probation and complained that a police official “had been watching him.”

Ok so I took a little hiatus from the blog because work got a little busy. But I’m Back Mothafuckas!! And what a way to come back with a White Trash Wednesday!! And once again it’s our lovely White Trash Friends from the Sunshine State. Is there a better family bonding activity to do than Cook Meth? Not in Florida. That’s how they roll. And of course one of them butt dialed the cops. You can’t make that shit up. Fucking idiots. And I’m pretty sure probably 75% of sheds in Florida are Meth Labs.


Gurley for Heisman…Start the Campaign!!!

Okay Dawg fans. I know it, you know it, the whole fucking Country knows it. Todd Gurley is the best player in the College Football. Sure these spread Quarterbacks put up record breaking numbers every game but that’s how the game has evolved. TG3 is playing in a pro style offense with a below average Quarterback and not just dominating every game…but every time he gets his hands on the ball. He is the most feared player the country because of his grown ass man size, game breaking speed, and birds eye vision coming out of the backfield. There have been very few Running Backs with his all around make up and talent.

With that being said…coming from a 32 year old UGA fan he is the best thing I’ve seen in the Red and Black in my lifetime. The Generation before me has a National Championship and a Heisman Trophy winner. Unfortunately, my Dawgs haven’t quite accomplished what they did in ’80. But as for right now, we have Todd Gurley. Let’s help him win the Heisman because HE IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE COUNTRY.

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