White Trash Wednesday: Alabama Man Buys Natty Light with Stolen Credit Card

Editor’s Note: This is the first WTW post that is not Florida-related. 

According to a Tuscaloosa news source, police are looking for a man who bought two 30-packs of Natural Light with a stolen credit card. The suspect, shown in the surveillance photo above wearing (surprise surprise) an Alabama t-shirt, purchased the $47 worth of beer on July 15th in a Tuscaloosa convenience store.

Good for him. Obviously he thought that if he bought the same old cheap shit that he always drinks, nobody would suspect that the credit card was stolen. Or perhaps I’m wrong…maybe Natty is a step up from his usual Milwaukee’s Best or Busch Light. I’m not hating – I’ll throw back a Natural Light any day of the week, but if I had an indispensable amount of money, I’d probably at least go for a decent bottle of bourbon.


2 responses to “White Trash Wednesday: Alabama Man Buys Natty Light with Stolen Credit Card”

  1. KJAY says :

    How the hell does 2 30 packs of Natty Light cost $47?


    • johnnyguch says :

      That’s a great question. I haven’t bought a 30-pack of beer in probably 10 years, but all things considered, I can’t imagine one costing more than $15. Perhaps he also bought 2-3 logs of Skoal.


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