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Michelle Beadle goes HAM on ESPN First Take and Stephen A Smith

Fucking BOOM!! I didn’t want to do a Ray Rice blog because everyone else all over it and anyone with a Soul knew Roger Gooddell’s “Punishment” on Rice was a fucking joke. The past 2 days have been a shit show on all the ESPN Shows and the Internet. Rice and Gooddell have been getting killed and rightfully so. But of course the clowns at First Take make some controversial statements. Fuck Boy Stephen A Smith and his little Bitch Sidekick Skip Bayless said some classless and ridiculous comments about “Provoking Violence” on themselves. I can’t stand either of these guys. They are the most Unwarranted Arrogant Clowns on Television. I probably, no I do hate them both worse that Chuck Knoblauch. Much respect for Michelle Beadle for calling out her employer and colleagues. You wear that Minishirt Tonight…Rock the Fuck out of it!! And Take Pics. And Post them on Twitter. Please. Thanks.

Alabama Family Names Daughter “Alliegh Bama” and Dooms Her For Life

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Just another fucking reason to HATE Alabama and the Crimson Tide. Oh and speaking of Crimson Tide, Alliegh Bama’s older brother is named…you got it, Crimson Tide. If spanking your kids get Social Services called on you now, then naming your kids something that will doom them for life should also. You want to name your Dog Crimson Tide or Alliegh Bama, go for it. But these kids have to live their entire lives with Stupid Fucking Names. Can’t wait until that first HR Manager gets their resume and shares a laugh with the entire office. I’m guessing 18 years from now Alliegh will be working at the local BP with her 2nd child on the way and Crimson will either be the father, locked up, or both. I’m going with Both.

In Case You Forgot, Jerry Sandusky is a Sick Son-of-a-Bitch


Gawker put up a post earlier this morning that showcases Matthew Sandusky’s recent interview with Oprah. Matthew is the adopted son of former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky.

I won’t post any clips on Bad Grammar, but if you want to see the interview, head over to Oprah Prime and check them out for yourself. Details include  Sandusky’s bedtime rituals (WHICH ARE GRAPHIC AND DISGUSTING), Penn State payments to the victims, and the infamous “shower incident.”

The interview is tough to watch, but it’s a great reminder: Jerry Sandusky molested children for several years on Penn State’s watch.



Angry Brazil Fan does the Rational Thing and Smashes his TV

Soccer Fans are fucking insane. I’m honestly surprised there weren’t riots in the streets yesterday after that debacle. I posted yesterday that I thought there would be mass suicides. Haven’t heard any reports on that yet but there was this guy. I love the old man pleading with him to stop (I don’t know Portuguese but…) but he was no match for an outraged and I’m guessing drunk Brazilian Soccer nut. By the look of it though he wasn’t doing a great job though. I was waiting for him to give it an Atomic Leg drop or jump off the car with an Elbow like Macho Man off the top rope. Instead he just picked up that heavy ass 60″ and slammed it over and over and over. I couldn’t even tell if it was getting damaged. I’ve punched some walls and thrown drinks and fought people and cried myself to sleep over games but no way am I abusing a mans prized possession. I guess its better than Poisoning a Sacred Tree though, huh Auburn fans.

Texas Tech Cheerleader Under Fire Over Hunting Pictures

article-0-1F49457E00000578-644_634x828 Fox News – So in case you haven’t heard the story, a 19 year old Tech Tech Cheerleader is getting fucking killed by people over pictures she’s posted of her Hunting Adventures in Africa. She had tons of picture on her FB Page of her posing with her kills, that have since been taken down, but you can see here. A few days ago the page went viral and people lost their fucking shit. Just check out some of the comments on her posts. Now I may catch some flack for this but I don’t have a problem with it. I’m not a hunter, I’m a pussy when it comes to guns. If this chick was killing these animals illegally then yes, leave lit bags of dog shit on her door. But, these are legal hunting trips. People in the US hunt Bears, Deer, Hogs, Gators, and whatever other animal is in season. If we had motherfucking Lions and Cheetahs and Hippos wondering around here, you bet your ass people would be hunting them. These animals she’s killing are not endangered. Half these people harassing this chick don’t know shit about Lions other than watching the Lion King and seeing them caged up at a zoo. So those people can walk into traffic for all I care. They don’t know why these Lions were being hunted. Now I will admit the pictures are pretty fucked up. I could do without seeing that shit on Social Media. And she should’ve absolutely known the backlash she was going to get after posting these pics. She’s a HOT D1 Cheerleader posing with Exotic Animals that she killed, yeah that shit will go viral. So I don’t feel bad for the girl, but people need to Chill the fuck out and quit being so fucking sensitive.

Kid’s Playing with Mom’s Toys…Now That’s a Funny PSA

Bahahahaha!! Didn’t see that one coming. Couple of house wives shooting the shit during a play date pick up and BAM!! Rubbery Pink light-saber and a Mechanical Ass Tickling Sai. ON GUARD!! Love the look on the mother’s faces. Pure terror. Yeah so the lesson is Dad’s lock up your guns and Mom’s lock up your Dildos. I’m not sure which one is more dangerous actually. Smells like a light-saber.

White Trash Wednesday: Florida Mother Brands Kids So She Won’t Lose Them

Here’s your weekly holy shit no way, oh wait they live in Florida so that makes sense story.

According to this site, a Florida mother is accused of branding her 5 and 7 year old children by “burning a stick with a lighter and then touching their arms with it.”

The 23-year old Southwest Florida woman, Kayla R. Oxenham, allegedly told her kids she was burning them so that they “could have ice cream and to identify both [of them] as hers.”

This really isn’t that big of a deal. There’s little doubt that both kids would have gotten tattoos within the next couple of years anyways. I’m also pretty sure that most children in Florida look the same, so the identifying marks were a great, permanent way to make sure they don’t get lost in the shuffle. This is a much better idea than simply remembering what color their hair is, or what clothes they were wearing.

But…I suppose that meth makes people do some pretty dumb shit.

Dumbass Criminal Award Goes To…

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ABC News – A Minnesota man has become people’s exhibit No. 1 for why a life of crime and a social media habit don’t mix. Nick Wig was arrested Thursday after allegedly breaking into a home in Dakota County, south of Minneapolis, authorities said. His undoing, they said, was that he logged into his Facebook account on homeowner James Wood’s computer and forgot to log out. “This is a first case in Dakota County in which a suspected burglar left his Facebook profile on the computer screen of the victim’s computer,” Monica Jensen, spokesperson for the Dakota County Attorney’s Office told ABC News today. Wood got home Thursday morning and found his front door had been unlocked and an outer screen had been removed from a window of his house, according to the criminal complaint. Wood told authorities that missing items included cash, a checkbook, credit cards, keys and a watch. He also told police that someone had used his computer to log onto the Facebook page of “Nick Dub,” later identified as Nick Wig. On the floor near the computer lay a pile of soaking wet shoes and jeans that did not belong to Wood or his son, Wood told police. Later that morning, as Wood was driving in the neighborhood, Wood spotted a man on the street that looked like the man in the Facebook page photos and contacted authorities. When officers apprehended Wig, he was wearing a watch that matched the description of the one taken in the burglary, police said. Wig told officers that he was going to give everything back, according to the criminal complaint. As Wig emptied his pockets of car keys and an iPod shuffle, Wood identified both items as belonging to him, authorities said. Wig later admitted to entering Wood’s home and taking the property reported stolen, authorities said. He also admitted logging into his Facebook page using Wood’s computer. Wig has been charged with burglary in the second degree, a felony, authorities said. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in jail and up to $20,000 in fines. Wig’s bail was set at $25,000 without conditions and $12,000 with conditions of release, which include no contact with the victim and no alcohol or controlled substance use, authorities said. His next court appearance has been set for July 15, indicating he has a public defender but it is unclear who has been named yet.

How Stupid can you possibly be? Don’t most people when they break into a house try and get the shit they want and then GET THE FUCK OUT? Nope not this dip shit. I guess ol “Nick Dub” thought he would grab some cash, a watch, maybe a Credit Card or two, and then Update his Facebook Status. Nothing like accepting a friend request in the middle of committing a B&E. Hey Nick Dub ever heard of a SmartPhone? Heard they have apps now for Facebook and you can do it from your phone. Maybe remember that next time.


Ever Wonder What 51,000lbs of Burning Weed Looks Like?

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ABC – A five-day raid on a lawless southern Albanian village which netted huge amounts of marijuana and heavy weapons shows the government’s determination to tackle drug gangs, the prime minister said Friday. About 800 police besieged the village of Lazarat for days, coming under fire from guns, rocket-propelled grenades and even mortars before being able to move in. Police arrested 15 people; one policeman and three villagers were injured during the battle.  “State police destroyed the 20-year-old taboo of a crime zone that had declared itself a separate republic and turned it into a stamp of shame for Albania,” Prime Minister Edi Rama said in the capital, Tirana. Rama’s nine-month-old government has declared its determination to tackle the drug gangs as part of the country’s efforts to gain candidate status for entry into the European Union, which has been rejected three times previously. Smoke from burning marijuana hung above the village Friday, the first day without gunfire since the raid began Sunday night. Authorities said they had destroyed 25.4 tons of marijuana, 91,000 plants and four drug-processing laboratories after searching 162 houses and other buildings. In one home, police found a ton of marijuana in a water tank in an underground storage room.

NO!!!!!!! MY PRECIOUS!!!!! Well thats a party foul if I’ve ever seen one. Those Albanian Sons of Bitches. Maybe instead of burning all that weed they should have passed it out to all Albanians. That would halt the violence for at least an hour or two. I guess technically they got the entire country blazed out of their minds. That’s one hell of a contact high. I’m willing to bet Albania sold more Cheetos and Ice Cream that day than ever before. Oh your weed man is dry? Just walk outside for a few minutes, that’ll do the trick.

NEWSFLASH!! TN Man Accused of Decapitation Denied Bail

TennesseanProsecutors presented enough evidence to send the case of a Hendersonville man accused of shooting and then decapitating his father-in-law in February to a grand jury, Sumner County General Sessions Court Judge James Hunter ruled on Thursday. Sandie Calvert, 42, was charged with first-degree murder on Feb. 14 after calling Sumner County Sheriff’s Office deputies to his home on Patton Lane. When they arrived, authorities discovered the body of James Hudgins, 68, wrapped in plastic in the driveway. Hudgins’ head was severed and placed between his legs. Lt. Chris Tarlecky testified that Calvert told him he called Hudgins to help him jump-start his motorcycle. Calvert told Tarlecky that when Hudgins arrived, he opened the door to his truck thinking his son-in-law was handing him a rifle. Instead, Calvert shot Hudgins. He then said he cut his father-in-law’s head off “because he hates a snake and that’s the only way you kill a snake,” according to Tarlecky.  Hunter set an arraignment date for July 25. The judge also denied bond for Calvert a second time. He remains in the Sumner County Jail.

No Shit?!! I know the judicial system has its flaws but pretty sure this is a no brainer. He probably would’ve been denied bond just based on the shooting part but when he decided to cut his father-in-law’s fucking head off pretty much sealed that deal. I’ve heard plenty of in-law horror stories but shit. This dude is a bonafide lunatic. Cutting the man’s head off because “he’s a snake and that’s how you kill a snake”. CooCoo!! The father-in-law goes over to the house thinking he’s doing the son a solid and he’s welcomed by a rifle wielding nut job who also wants to off his head. And what kind of dirt bag lawyer would even ask for bond? He shouldn’t even get a trial. Lock his ass up in a dungeon.