UGA DT Jonathan Taylor Arrested for Felony Aggravated Assault

Jonathan Taylor

AJC – Well Well Well. ANOTHER SEC player arrested. This time it’s Georgia’s Projected Starting D Tackle Jonathan Taylor. This is the 2nd time he was arrested this off season too. Pack your bags buddy. In what world do these guys think its okay to rough up women, especially when you are 6-4 340 lb grown ass man. You were given your 2nd chance by CMR earlier this year when you tried to cash a check twice, dumb ass.

I might not agree with UGA’s Strict Drug (Weed) Policy but you can’t be lacks when it comes to Stealing and Choking Out Women. There is no place for guys like that on a top football program. Oh wait nevermind, Auburn and Louisville are already making plans to bring Taylor in.

3 responses to “UGA DT Jonathan Taylor Arrested for Felony Aggravated Assault”

  1. Mike L says :

    He is listed as 3rd string nose tackle in the UGA media guide. No major set back for the team. But, as the father of a daughter, I believe he has no place on any college campus…even on the plains.


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