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SEC Highlights From the Weekend: Bama Handles LSU, Arkansas Stuns Ole Miss, Florida Locks Up the East and More

#2 LSU 16 at #4 Alabama 30

It seems this game every year has not only SEC West implications but a shot at National Championship is on the line. Even though this game was  #2 vs #4 in the CFB Playoff standings, it was more #1 vs #2…as in Heisman candidates. The nations top 2 RBs were the conversation before, during, and after the game Saturday. Well #4 Alabama and their RB Derrick Henry, the latter of the Heisman cadidates, straight up dominated the Tigers. Henry ran all over LSU’s defense for 210 yards and 3 TD while Leonard Fournette, who did score, rushed for only 31 yards on 19 carries. Hell, LSU’s offence totaled 182 yards.

I know Nick Saban is small little troll but DAMN Derrick Henry is a big ass dude.

Arkansas 53 at #18 Ole Miss 52

This was the game of the weekend. Arkansas stunned Ole Miss in Oxford on this 4th and 25 in OT. One of the craziest plays you will see. Besides the fact that TE Hunter Henry was inches away from being down, which wins the game for Ole Miss, anyone other than the Collins picking it up and they are no doubt tackled well before the first down. As the score shows, a few plays later Arkansas scored a TD and elected to go for TWO and WIN. Hogs QB Brandon Allen finished with 442 yards and 6 TDs including the final TD and 2pt conversion. He beat the Rebal’s Asses so bad the fans called the damn POPO.

This game was so exciting it had Bret Bielema ready to “hop on his wife”.

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There Are Only 2 True Candidates to Replace Mark Richt at UGA

Well I’m glad I was able to vent yesterday on my post about UGA and Mark Richt parting ways. I know, and somewhat respect, most peoples opinions on the future of Mark Richt. The people I don’t are the idiots that pop off dumb ass comments to get a rise and have no knowledge of football. Listen, making a change after 15 years of anything is hard enough, but when you’re talking a Head Coaching change in the SEC…  hell that has divided more families than the Ashley Madison leak.

So now that I’ve stated where I stand on the current situation at Georgia, lets move on and “humor” ourselves to see who could be a potential replacement IF, (and that’s a big IF) CMR’s 15 year tenure comes to an end. There are several names that could be candidates but I’m going to tell you about the two that would be the best options and make the most sense.

Jeremy Pruitt – Defensive Coordinator – University of Georgia

Pros: Pruitt is only in his 2nd season with Georgia. He has a proven track record with programs that have won National Championships (Alabama 2011 & 2012, Florida State 2013). Pruitt has great relationships and ties to HS coaches in the Southeast and is know as one of the best recruiters in College Football.

Cons: No Head Coaching experience. Reports of rifts with the Athletic Department and other coaches.

My Take: Personally I think this is you make. Pruitt is waiting for the right Head Coaching offer to come, and it could be any time now. There are 3 main reason he would be great for UGA. First, Pruitt is a proven winner. Yes he hasn’t been the head guy on any of those teams, or for any team for that matter, but there is something to be said for being an integral part in 3 straight National Championships. Two, Pruitt also gives you a different personality. This has been a complaint by Dawg fans for years. We’ve all heard the comments that have been thrown around: He’s soft, too conservative, too nice, not enough emotion, etc. Pruit gives you some more “fire”. He’s still the nice guy off the field like you have to be for parents and recruits, but he shows his emotions on the field. Is that always better? No, take a look at Will Muschamp. But Georgia has to go in with a different personality. Finally, Pruitt knows and has a relationship the current recruiting class. The main reason I keep hearing over and over on why we need to keep Richt is “We’ve got this great class coming in led by Jacob Eason”. Problem solved. Will we lose a recruit or two? Probably. Could we gain a recruit or two? Probably. Will we lose Eason? Doubt it. He’s a hard commit that has been committed for nearly 2 years and has recruited others. As long as there is no drastic change, Eason should still be a Dawg in January. My last thought on Pruitt is if he doesn’t have some “hand shake” deal that he is the coach in waiting, then he will be gone in the next year or two anyways. He’s too hot of a name and too good of a coach. His time is coming and hope it’s not another SEC school.

Kirby Smart – Defensive Coordinator- University of Alabama

Pros: DC of 2 National Championship teams at Alabama. Also one of the top recruiters in the country with Southeastern ties. Voted Assistant Coach of the Year in ’09 and ’12. And we all know he’s a former UGA player

Cons: No Head Coaching experience. Is he and his Defense a product of Nick Saban? Highest paid assistant coach in the country.

My Take:The pros and cons as well as my opinions on Kirby are very similar to Pruitt. He’s a proven winner. Kirby Smart has been the DC at Alabama since 2008 so he has coached 2 National Championship winning teams. Smart has been a hot name for four or five years now with nearly every HC opening. I’m pretty sure he’s just been waiting for the right one and if his Alma Mater isn’t it, I don’t what what is. He’s year in and year out ranked as one of the best recruiters and the talent he has coached and produced at Alabama speaks for itself. I don’t see Georgia losing many if any current commits. Chances are he know these players very well because he’s been recruiting them as well. Again, like Pruitt, Kirby Smart will give you a different more intense personality that I believe is needed. If Georgia waits too long on Kirby then they also could miss out on a great heir to Mark Richt to another SEC school (South Carolina). No doubt that if it came down to Georgia and the other current openings at South Carolina, Virginia Tech, or Miami…he would be a Dawg.

Other Candidates to Consider: 

Gary Patterson – HC TCU – He’s long shot but is an interesting candidate that you would have to call.

Justin Fuente – HC Memphis – I think too many uneducated football fans are gonna say WHO? Fuente is 18-3 in the past 2 years at Memphis. His team is currently 8-0 and ranked #13 with a huge win over Ole Miss. He also has a 6’7 QB that might be a 1st round pick. Anyways, I think he will be an excellent HC for a big program but I don’t think he is the right name or guy to replace Richt.

Tom Herman HC Houston –  The former Ohio State OC under Urban Meyer is Houston team is currently 8-0 and ranked #18 in the Nation. Oh and it’s his first year as a head coach. But he may fall into the WHO category like Fuente.

Chad Morris HC SMU– Again, a hot name after his success at Clemson’s OC but he’s currently 1-7 at SMU and that shit ain’t gonna fly…not for this job.

Mark Dantonio HC Michigan State – Another long shot but you gotta ask right? Two downsides though…he’s 59 and lacks Southeastern ties for recruiting.

Now I know most people are going to say…”None of these guys are better than Mark Richt”. That may be true. But you can’t always think that way. Mark Richt came into a mess at Georgia and resurrected the program into having the expectations we have today. I get it, “the grass isn’t always greener” and “Be careful what you wish for”. We’ve all heard those cliche’s before and you know what, that might be the case. What we do know is that Mark Richt has done a great job making Georgia the program it is today. But we also know Georgia has shit the bed over and over and fucking over again in big games. The record of 14-26 vs Ranked Opponents since our last SEC Championship speaks for itself. Do I expect to win all those games? Of course not. But what I’m tired of, is going into these big games and dreading the outcome because of what history has taught me.

Again, I’m not saying Mark Richt is a bad coach…He’s a great coach. What I am saying is that it’s time for a change for both CMR and UGA. Trust me I wish this would have worked out in the sense of a National Championship. Unfortunately it didn’t and I don’t see what else he can do to get Georgia over that hump. I don’t know if the replacement (whoever and whenever that is) will be able to get us there but it’s time to find out.

With Jeremy Pruitt and Kirby Smart it’ll soften the blow from separating from someone as successful as Richt. At the same time, with either, you are getting one of the most coveted candidate in the past decade and both are Georgia Guys.

Thank you Mark Richt but it is Time for a Head Coaching Change at UGA

Well it’s been a while since I last made a post. Actually my last post was when we found out that Todd Gurley was being suspended. No, I didn’t quit because of that…I “quit” because I have a Job and this was a bit too time consuming. I thought about coming back at the beginning of the Football season but just kept putting it off. So now I’ve decided to make my Jordanesk comeback (More like Wizards not #45 Bulls) with my opinion on the state of UGA football.

This is going to be lengthy but bear with me. Let me start off by saying this is the FIRST TIME I’ve stated the words “Fire Mark Richt”. I’ve heard these rumblings for several years now. Usually they are knee jerk reactions to a tough loss or said in haste after a bourbon filled Saturday and an underwelming performance by the Dawgs. I completely understand where the Mark Richt hate has come from, but I’m usually a voice of reason and defender of CMR…at least once that bourbon wears off. Well this past Saturday vs Florida was my tipping point.

Now listen, I’ve heard all the arguments of “Who are you going to get that is better?” and “It’s the players on the field” and “Bobo’s play calling sucks” and “Willie Martinez” and “Todd Grantham” and “Joe Cox” and “Hutson Mason” and “Lambert” and “Bauta” and “injuries” and “young secondary”. Fuck I’ve heard them all. Year after year it’s some excuse. Year after year it’s “Next Year” or “Wait for enter star recruits name to come in”.

I don’t want this to sound like a Richt bashing write up. I think the man has done wonders for the program and school. I think he is one of the best MEN in college football. He is right up there with Vince Dooley as the best coach to walk the Sidelines at Sanford Stadium. In all reality his record is pretty damn good. Programs would love to have the W/L record Georgia has had during the Mark Richt era. But it’s time for a change.

Facts are Facts, UGA is a mediocre football team. Sure we average 9.71 wins per season under Richt…and that’s great for 90% of Colleges and Universities. That’s great for Georgia compared to where they were Pre-Richt. But if you look closer at the Winning Percentage, those numbers are skewed. To say Georgia struggles in “Big” games would be an understatement. Hell Georgia struggles in non “Big” games (losses to Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Colorado, unranked Florida, unranked Tennessee, unranked South Carolina, unranked Miss State). Mark Richt has struggled his entire career at UGA to get his team ready to play and Win “Big” Games. And in the world of College Football, where 1 or 2 losses will ruin your National Championship hopes, you need to win those games.

Here are a few “fun” facts:

  • From 2001-2007 UGA was 24-14 vs Ranked opponents, Since then we are 16-23 (40-36 Overall)
  • In Mark Richt’s 15 year tenure Georgia has finished in the Top 10 Seven times (Not bad)
  • 3 times (going on 4) Georgia has finished Unranked
  • 3 times UGA has played in a BCS bowl (02 Sugar, 05 Sugar, 07 Sugar)
  • 9-5 is UGA’s bowl record under CMR (6-4 since 05)
  • 5 times Georgia has played in the SEC Championship game (2-3 record)
  • Last SEC Championship Win was in 2005
  • Zero times has Georgia played in a National Championship game
  • Alabama, LSU, Florida, Auburn have all played in or won multiple National Championships

Let’s break down the seasons under Mark Richt starting with our last SEC Championship in 2005:

  • 2005 – The last year Georgia won a SEC Championship. The Dawgs started off the season ranked 13 and had fan favorite and DGD DJ Shockley taking over at QB after David Green finished his career as the winningest QB is D1 history. Georgia made it to the SEC Championship and beat LSU despite losing back to back games vs Rivals Florida and Auburn. So you could say we snuck into this one. Either way they made it to Atlanta and beat a #3 LSU team. BUT THEN we ended up losing to West Virginia in the Sugar Bowl and finished the Season at #10.
  • 2006 – Stafford’s Freshman Season. Everyone was excited to have the top NFL QB prospect on campus (Sounds familiar to Eason right now). UGA started the season at #14 in the preseason coaches Poll. Georgia started the season 5-0 with wins at South Carolina and at Ole Miss. Then Tennessee came into Sanford and drilled us 51-33. UGA followed that game up with a loss to VANDERBILT the very next week and became unranked for the first time under Richt. The fails didn’t stop there. Two weeks later they lost to Florida and then followed that game up with a loss at KENTUCKY. Georgia was able to “salvage” the season by beating #5 Auburn, #16 Georgia Tech, and finally #14 Virginia Tech in the Chick-fil-a Bowl. Still finishing the Season unranked in the Coaches Poll.
  • 2007 – Probably Georgia’s best season under Richt. Not his best record but best team and best finish. Georgia started the season off #13 and beat an unranked Oklahoma State in Athens. The next week was another early season loss to South Carolina at Sanford. Georgia rallied from that loss to beat #16 Alabama  in OT at Bryant-Denny…Stafford to Mikey Henderson was AWESOME!! Two weeks later, another let down at an unranked Tennessee team. That would be the last loss of the season for the Dawgs. They came back to beat a ranked Florida, Auburn (Blackout game), and Kentucky. The Dawgs climbed the standings all the way up to #4 before dominating Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl. UGA finished the season at #3 with nearly all our top talent returning. So close but the loss to UT killed them.
  • 2008 – Preseason #1. This is our Year!! Stafford, Knowshon, AJ, Massaquoi, Geno Atkins, Dannell Ellerbe, Reshad Jones. NFL talent all over the field. Start the season off with wins at South Carolina and at Arizona State…then #8 Alabama comes to town. Get blown out. Turn around and beat Tennessee, Vandy, and LSU…Great now we just need to beat #5 Florida. Tough task I know but if you want to be the best you need to beat the best. Nope, Florida beats the breaks off us 49-10 and goes on to win their 2nd BCS Championship in 3 years. Throw in another loss to Tech that season and we finish 10-3 after a Citrus Bowl win over Michigan State. Another Disappointing year. Just another case of the Dawgs giving their fans a case of Blue Balls.
  • 2009 – Post Stafford & Moreno. After such a high to begin the previous season to such a low starting this season. Georgia gets a gracious preseason rank of 13. That didn’t last long after we go into Stillwater and get beat by 2 touchdowns to Oklahoma State. After 3 wins vs South Carolina, Arkansas, and Arizona State, #14 Georgia loses a tough game vs a #4 LSU team…this was the last time UGA was ranked this season. Then the following week we go to Knoxville and get Donkey Punched by Joey Freshwater aka Lane Kiffin. Throw in a loss to #1 Florida and then an embarrassing loss to KENTUCKY and there goes another season down the shitter. Oh but we did beat Texas A&M in the Independence Bowl. Finish the season 8-5
  • 2010 – As if things couldn’t get worse. On the bright side we finally got rid of CMR’s BFF Willie Martinez and bring in Todd Grantham. Awesome, it was a change that was much needed. No one knows much about Grantham but he someone other than Willie so we’ll take it. Somehow Georgia starts the season ranked at 23. That lasted 1 week. A loss to South Carolina in week 2 was the beginning of the end for the 2010 season. Georgia loss the next 3 games to Arkansas, Miss St, and Colorado. 1-4 to start the season. This is really when the “Fire Mark Richt” Campaign got serious. Add in losses to Florida, Auburn, and UCF in the Liberty Bowl and the Dawgs finish the season at 6-7.
  • 2011 – Mark Richt barely saved his job. The hot seat started giving CMR a mean case of Swamp ass after starting the season off 0-2. A loss to #5 Boise State in Atlanta to start the season was disappointing. Follow that up with a loss to South Carolina in Athens and “here we go again”. Luckily Georgia went on a 10 game winning streak with wins at Ole Miss (unranked), at Tennessee (unranked), Florida (unranked), #20 Auburn, and #25 Georgia Tech. Great run after starting the season 0-2. One SEC loss gets them into the SEC Championship game vs #1 LSU. The final of that game…LSU 42 Georgia 10. Wamp fucking wamp. But hey after a terrible start, great finish…well maybe not. Georgia goes on to the Outback Bowl and loses to Michigan State.
  • 2012 – High hopes heading in. Again we started the season in the top 10 at #6. 5 and 0 going into the South Carolina game only to get beat 35-7. Win out the rest of the regular season and go into the SEC Championship game ranked #3 vs #2 Alabama. This was probably the best SEC Championship game since it’s inception. Unfortunately the Dawgs fell 5 yards short and Alabama went on to beat Notre Dame in the National Championship game. UGA went on to beat Nebraska in the Capital One Bowl and finished the year ranked #4 with a 12-2 record. So close again.
  •  2013 – Another Disappointing Season. After the way we played in 2012 Dawg fans we saying “This is our Season” AGAIN. Started the season at #5 only to lose the first game against a good Clemson team. Follow that up with a win over #6 South Carolina, #5 LSU, and an OT win at Tennessee. Come back home and lose to Missouri. “Bounce back” and LOSE at VANDERBILT. Beat Florida. Lose to Auburn. Gator Bowl bound and lose to an 8-4 Nebraska team. Granted our SEC Record setting QB Aaron Murray went down vs Kentucky. Even so it was another disappointing season finishing 8-5.
  • 2014 – At least we have Gurley. Again Georgia starts the season in the top 15 at #12. A huge win vs Clemson to redeem ourselves from the previous season, only to lost the next week to South Carolina. Four weeks later reports start coming out that Todd Gurley signed autographs for money and was suspended for the next 4 games. During that time Nick Chubb busted on the scene like the Kool-aid man. Unfortunately we go into the Florida (Unranked) game and lose…Again. Gurley comes back vs Auburn only to tear his ACL to end his UGA career. Then we face Tech in Athens on the annual Thanksgiving weekend game. UGA completely blows this game by committing bone head plays and even worse coaching. End the season with a win vs Louisville in the Belk Bowl. Yippie!! 10-3 and finish the season #9.
  • 2015 – QB? Who needs a QB when you have our Run Game. Well that didn’t last long. UGA starts the season with 4 easy games. Everyone knew the big test was going to be Alabama on October 3rd. Well we failed that test…AGAIN. Another disappointing loss in a big game. The better team won. Follow that up with a loss to Tennessee of monumental proportions. Not because of the final score was 38-31 UT, but because of the loss of our workhorse Nick Chubb the first play of the game. Also, because Tennessee was coming off some tough losses vs Oklahoma and Arkansas and Florida. UT was in need of that signature win BAD and guess what…they got it vs Georgia. Oh and by the way, that was the last time UGA scored a TD.


My answer to all the people out there who say “Who are you going to get that’s better” is I DON”T KNOW, but there are really good coaches out there that would love to coach at Georgia which has all the tools and resources to succeed. What I do know is that Mark Richt had all the opportunities a coach can ask for and he and UGA disappoint year after year.

Mark Richt has made UGA a top program and again I thank him for that. But it is time for a change. If you don’t believe so then you are saying it’s okay to be mediocre. I’m not okay with 8-4 and a second tier bowl appearance that we might win.

Like I said before, I’ve always been a Mark Richt guy. I still like the man. I wish he could continue to be our coach and lead us to a National Championship. But history shows that won’t be the case.  I get it we have Eason coming in next year (the only reason to think about keeping him) but I’m tired of saying “Next Year” and making excuses to defend CMR. I thank him for what he has done for the program and for making us relevant but he’s had his chances. It’s time to part ways.

Gurley Suspended…Ain’t That Bout a Bitch

Son of a bitch!! Breaking new is Todd Gurley is suspended pending investigation on NCAA Rule Violations. FUCK!! Being a fan of sports in the State of GA is worse than having ebola. We don’t know yet what TG3 did but I guarantee he didn’t rape a chick or steal or assault someone. I’m guessing it’s a similar case to AJ Green a couple years ago when he took $$ for a jersey. I hate the NCAA. Here we go again Dawg fans. Half way through a promising season in a weak SEC East with “Arguably” the best player in the country and boom. Talk about a case of blue balls. I feel like I get them every fall. This just fucking sucks. Hopefully Chubb can get us through this week and Gurley can return to finish the season.

Gurley for Heisman…Start the Campaign!!!

Okay Dawg fans. I know it, you know it, the whole fucking Country knows it. Todd Gurley is the best player in the College Football. Sure these spread Quarterbacks put up record breaking numbers every game but that’s how the game has evolved. TG3 is playing in a pro style offense with a below average Quarterback and not just dominating every game…but every time he gets his hands on the ball. He is the most feared player the country because of his grown ass man size, game breaking speed, and birds eye vision coming out of the backfield. There have been very few Running Backs with his all around make up and talent.

With that being said…coming from a 32 year old UGA fan he is the best thing I’ve seen in the Red and Black in my lifetime. The Generation before me has a National Championship and a Heisman Trophy winner. Unfortunately, my Dawgs haven’t quite accomplished what they did in ’80. But as for right now, we have Todd Gurley. Let’s help him win the Heisman because HE IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE COUNTRY.

TG3 For Heisman Shirts for $25 (shipping included)

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Rough Football Weekend For The Palmetto State

AAAHHHH!!!! That’s my sigh of relief after the 1st week of College Football. And as always it didn’t disappoint…unless your a fan of South Carolina or Clemson. Rough opening weekend for the Palmetto State. Thursday, the 1st SEC Network football game, South Carolina got fucking DRILLED by Kenny “The Thrill” Hill and Texas A&M in their 1st Post Johnny Football game. South Carolina was 10 point favorites vs the Aggies and from the initial drive by A&M, South Carolina was behind. Kenny Hill came in and said Johnny Fucking who?!! Breaking the A&M single game passing record for yards with 511. Welcome to the scene young buck.

Gamecock starting QB Dylan Thompson played really well with 366 yds passing and 4 TD and Star RB Mike Davis was very limited with injured ribs. Even with a health Davis, no way he makes up for all those points. South Carolina’s D was nonexistent. A&M looked like they were playing against Skeleton Defense. Gamecocks better figure it out this week against East Carolina because they have to play UGA in 2 weeks.

The other Palmetto State team, Clemson, looked good for the first 1/2. The second 1/2 they got completely Mollywhopped by the Dawgs. UGA’s core of Beast Mode Running Backs ran ALL OVER Clemson’s D. Led by Heisman Candidate Todd “TG3” Gurley’s 293 All Purpose Yards including a 100 yard Kick off return. Both Freshmen, Sony Michel and Nick Chubb, didn’t disappoint either. Michel showed his speed and quickness getting to and turning the corners. Chubb looked like a Man among boys, let alone a true freshman. Chubb is a BEAST and will be for years to come. Kid has speed and power. TG3 stole the show though. After only 4 carries in the 1st half, that had Georgia fans asking “What the Fuck”, Gurley made his presence known and solidified himself as the Best RB in College Football.

But everyone knew what to expect from Gurley. The unexpected and what every UGA fan wanted to see was Jeremy Pruitt’s Defense. The 1st half was a little shaky, but the 2nd half was one of the most dominant Defensive displays you will see. The Dawgs D held Clemson to 15 yards the 2nd half. 15 YARDS. Total. Clemson got 1…one first down the 2nd half. The Dawgs came out and used a Dime Defense on 3rd downs and brought pressure from any and everywhere. Linebacker Leonard Floyd wrecked havoc and will be a household name very soon. If the Dawgs D can keep this up, they will be a very, very tough team to beat.

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Surprise Surprise, An SEC Player Popped on Weed Charges…Hotty Toddy Edition

Ole Miss freshman hopeful WR Sammie Epps was arrested last week for pot.  As reported by the Clarion Ledger, Epps was held at the Laffayette County Detention Center, booked on the marijuana charge and also driving without a license. Just wanted to say two things  A: why the fuck are you driving without a license, even in never-go-over-30mph’s Oxford town and B: why didn’t you eat that shit dude! Always munch on your nugs when you see the red and blue behind you!  Epps was reportedly dressed out for practice the following Monday.  The Rebels open their season against Boise State Tonight at 7pm Eastern in the Georgia Dome.

Hotty Toddy bitches!

West Virginia QB Claims His First Kiss Was With Nick Saban’s Daughter…And Then He Died!!

This kid either has a death wish or some Stone Mountain sized balls. QB Clint Trickett did grow up in College Football. His dad has been a long time Assistant Coach for several schools. But to tell a reporter that his 1st kiss was Saban’s daughter a week before they play Alabama is like playing Russian Roulette with 5 bullets. I mean come on dude, at least wait until you’ve gotten blown out by 30 and then tell the media “Oh well, at least I made out with Saban’s Daughter”. I don’t care if they were 6 and playing house, Saban will get his revenge.

PS. And she’s engaged? Can you imagine the nerve it would take to ask Satan himself for his daughters hand in marriage? Balls I tell you Big HUGE BALLS.

Number of Arrests for SEC Schools from 2010-2013

Courtesy of @RedditCFB

124 Arrests total. Good God!! Looks like Missouri was a great fit into the SEC. Where you at Texas A&M? Get with the fucking program you stiffs. I don’t care if you are a Military ROTC school. Those guys are usually the craziest fuckers around. Start a bar fight or donkey punch some Cleat chaser, shit. I’m guessing Saban has the Tuscaloosa PD on the payroll because 7 can’t be right. And I swear Tennessee has more than 5 as well. I’m pretty sure they doubled that in 2014 but that was just a raging house party so it shouldn’t count. UGA and Florida are keeping their solid reputation as the Criminals of the Conference. Hey I lived in Athens and I don’t know anyone who wasn’t arrested at some point or another. You should be given 1 “Get out of Jail Free” Card whenever you start school there. Factor it into Tuition somehow.

Here’s a Breakdown of UGA Arrests

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Alabama Family Photo…It’s a Doozy!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 10.27.39 AM

Well one good thing Bama fans are good for is good laugh. Holy shit!! This is a Christmas Card if I’ve ever seen one. Only thing missing is that dudes Ass Crack hanging out.  Guess he decided to class it up for family picture day. There is so much wrong with this picture. One being him and his wife’s fat asses in the fore front. Lil Man is within inches of getting squished to his death. You know these kids are named Saban, Bear, Crimson, and Tide too. Thanks for the Laughs Bama Fans!!