Alabama Family Names Daughter “Alliegh Bama” and Dooms Her For Life

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Just another fucking reason to HATE Alabama and the Crimson Tide. Oh and speaking of Crimson Tide, Alliegh Bama’s older brother is named…you got it, Crimson Tide. If spanking your kids get Social Services called on you now, then naming your kids something that will doom them for life should also. You want to name your Dog Crimson Tide or Alliegh Bama, go for it. But these kids have to live their entire lives with Stupid Fucking Names. Can’t wait until that first HR Manager gets their resume and shares a laugh with the entire office. I’m guessing 18 years from now Alliegh will be working at the local BP with her 2nd child on the way and Crimson will either be the father, locked up, or both. I’m going with Both.


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