Gurley Suspended…Ain’t That Bout a Bitch

Son of a bitch!! Breaking new is Todd Gurley is suspended pending investigation on NCAA Rule Violations. FUCK!! Being a fan of sports in the State of GA is worse than having ebola. We don’t know yet what TG3 did but I guarantee he didn’t rape a chick or steal or assault someone. I’m guessing it’s a similar case to AJ Green a couple years ago when he took $$ for a jersey. I hate the NCAA. Here we go again Dawg fans. Half way through a promising season in a weak SEC East with “Arguably” the best player in the country and boom. Talk about a case of blue balls. I feel like I get them every fall. This just fucking sucks. Hopefully Chubb can get us through this week and Gurley can return to finish the season.

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