White Trash Wednesday is Back: Florida Couple Prolongs Arrest so They can Have Sex “One Last Time”

Huffington: There’s a time to standoff and a time to get off — this Florida couple chose both. Ryan Patrick Bautista, 34, and Leanne Hunn, 30, allegedly refused to surrender to police until they could have sex together one last time. A standoff began Wednesday night when Jacksonville Sheriffs responded to a call about Michael Forte, 34, who was wanted on several warrants including armed burglary,FirstCoastNews.com reports. A Jacksonville Sheriffs Office spokeswoman said deputies were also looking for Bautista, who also had several warrants, including armed burglary. Bautista and Hunn reacted to the police visit by barricading themselves inside a mobile home and refusing to leave for more than six hours, according to News4Jax.com. Three other adults were inside the home at the time police arrived, but one woman was allowed to leave a short time later. Police said Hunn and Bautista detained another woman by dragging her to a back bedroom where she was held down, according to the website. That woman was eventually allowed to leave, but Hunn and Bautista refused to exit the mobile home. Hostage negotiators were called to the scene and attempted to communicate with the couple via phone and bullhorns, according to Jacksonville.comAt some point during the standoff, Hunn told police she would give herself up but not until she had sex with Bautista “one last time,” according to the website.

Well my White Trash Wednesday may have taken a hiatus but that didn’t keep Floridians from doing White Trash shit. One look at these two and you could bet the farm (or the meth lab in Flordian’s case) that these two were busted in a mobile home in Florida. I will give them some credit though on their GENIUS plan before surrendering. I mean if you know the cops are waiting to take you to jail for a long time, how do you not get one more smash session in? That’s a criminal using his head (pun intended). Great opening line by the writer of the article too…”There’s a time to standoff and a time to get off — Florida couple chose both.” I don’t know why you don’t hear more story’s like this. Probably because most criminals are idiots. You hear about all these hostage situations where the suspect is making demands like a million dollars to an offshore account, or a plane, or reduced charges, or whatever. This guy had the right idea. Fuck it if I’m headed to the slammer for a substantial amount of time, I’m pounding some pussy. The cops can’t even fight you on that one, they were probably like “Okay dude you have 5 minutes”. The man then thought “Awesome that’ll give me enough time to shower too”…who am I kidding, this guys doesn’t shower. I know this wasn’t a hostage situation but all criminals need to take note.

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