White Trash Wednesday: 3 Meth Heads Freak Out and Throw a Toilet Out the Window #WTW

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 9.34.50 AM

Huffington: The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office responded last Sunday after reports that three people were screaming out of a home, claiming to have been taken hostage. WMBB reports that authorities arrived at the residence and were told that the three supposed victims — 18-year-old Madison Douglas, 21-year-old Damian Hines, and 30-year-old Matthew McDaniel — had been taken hostage for several hours. They were also told the supposed hostages were shot at in the home. Police soon discovered that the group had in fact hallucinated while on meth. Douglas said she had been stabbed by a suspect, but authorities said she had only a light scratch on her abdomen that was self-inflicted. Numerous windows were shot out and holes were shot in the walls. They completely removed a large rear window from the house on the second floor and threw the bathroom sink at the imaginary attackers. Chunks of sheetrock, wood, firearm parts, and anything they could tear out of the residence was thrown outside including the toilet, which was ripped from the floor. In total, more than $10,000 damage was done to the residence.

Florida is Back!!! Only thing they are good for is Beach Trips and White Trash Wednesday. Florida is the “Alabama Fan” of States. They are just so easy to make fun of. I mean stories like this happen on the regular. Just 3 Floridians fucked out of their minds on Meth. I know if I was a Meth Head freaking the fuck out thinking I was being taken hostage, I would head straight to the bathroom and start ripping shit apart and throw it out the windows. I mean, they must’ve had some super human Meth Head strength to just rip up a sink and toilet and toss them into the yard. That’s normal right? Fucking Meth…Fucking Florida.

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