Texas Tech Cheerleader Under Fire Over Hunting Pictures

article-0-1F49457E00000578-644_634x828 Fox News – So in case you haven’t heard the story, a 19 year old Tech Tech Cheerleader is getting fucking killed by people over pictures she’s posted of her Hunting Adventures in Africa. She had tons of picture on her FB Page of her posing with her kills, that have since been taken down, but you can see here. A few days ago the page went viral and people lost their fucking shit. Just check out some of the comments on her posts. Now I may catch some flack for this but I don’t have a problem with it. I’m not a hunter, I’m a pussy when it comes to guns. If this chick was killing these animals illegally then yes, leave lit bags of dog shit on her door. But, these are legal hunting trips. People in the US hunt Bears, Deer, Hogs, Gators, and whatever other animal is in season. If we had motherfucking Lions and Cheetahs and Hippos wondering around here, you bet your ass people would be hunting them. These animals she’s killing are not endangered. Half these people harassing this chick don’t know shit about Lions other than watching the Lion King and seeing them caged up at a zoo. So those people can walk into traffic for all I care. They don’t know why these Lions were being hunted. Now I will admit the pictures are pretty fucked up. I could do without seeing that shit on Social Media. And she should’ve absolutely known the backlash she was going to get after posting these pics. She’s a HOT D1 Cheerleader posing with Exotic Animals that she killed, yeah that shit will go viral. So I don’t feel bad for the girl, but people need to Chill the fuck out and quit being so fucking sensitive.


2 responses to “Texas Tech Cheerleader Under Fire Over Hunting Pictures”

  1. BHam says :

    Nothing illegal about it. You have to pay to play. She might’ve shot them from a helicopter.
    The pic hugging the cheetah is just weird!


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