Angry Brazil Fan does the Rational Thing and Smashes his TV

Soccer Fans are fucking insane. I’m honestly surprised there weren’t riots in the streets yesterday after that debacle. I posted yesterday that I thought there would be mass suicides. Haven’t heard any reports on that yet but there was this guy. I love the old man pleading with him to stop (I don’t know Portuguese but…) but he was no match for an outraged and I’m guessing drunk Brazilian Soccer nut. By the look of it though he wasn’t doing a great job though. I was waiting for him to give it an Atomic Leg drop or jump off the car with an Elbow like Macho Man off the top rope. Instead he just picked up that heavy ass 60″ and slammed it over and over and over. I couldn’t even tell if it was getting damaged. I’ve punched some walls and thrown drinks and fought people and cried myself to sleep over games but no way am I abusing a mans prized possession. I guess its better than Poisoning a Sacred Tree though, huh Auburn fans.


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