NEWSFLASH!! TN Man Accused of Decapitation Denied Bail

TennesseanProsecutors presented enough evidence to send the case of a Hendersonville man accused of shooting and then decapitating his father-in-law in February to a grand jury, Sumner County General Sessions Court Judge James Hunter ruled on Thursday. Sandie Calvert, 42, was charged with first-degree murder on Feb. 14 after calling Sumner County Sheriff’s Office deputies to his home on Patton Lane. When they arrived, authorities discovered the body of James Hudgins, 68, wrapped in plastic in the driveway. Hudgins’ head was severed and placed between his legs. Lt. Chris Tarlecky testified that Calvert told him he called Hudgins to help him jump-start his motorcycle. Calvert told Tarlecky that when Hudgins arrived, he opened the door to his truck thinking his son-in-law was handing him a rifle. Instead, Calvert shot Hudgins. He then said he cut his father-in-law’s head off “because he hates a snake and that’s the only way you kill a snake,” according to Tarlecky.  Hunter set an arraignment date for July 25. The judge also denied bond for Calvert a second time. He remains in the Sumner County Jail.

No Shit?!! I know the judicial system has its flaws but pretty sure this is a no brainer. He probably would’ve been denied bond just based on the shooting part but when he decided to cut his father-in-law’s fucking head off pretty much sealed that deal. I’ve heard plenty of in-law horror stories but shit. This dude is a bonafide lunatic. Cutting the man’s head off because “he’s a snake and that’s how you kill a snake”. CooCoo!! The father-in-law goes over to the house thinking he’s doing the son a solid and he’s welcomed by a rifle wielding nut job who also wants to off his head. And what kind of dirt bag lawyer would even ask for bond? He shouldn’t even get a trial. Lock his ass up in a dungeon.

One response to “NEWSFLASH!! TN Man Accused of Decapitation Denied Bail”

  1. jb says :

    I met him that day


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