Archive | August 29, 2014

WTW Friday Edition: Brother and Sister Caught Doing the Dirty…IN A CHURCH PARKING LOT!!!

GawkerChristopher Buckner, 20, and her half-brother, Timothy Savoy, 25, were arrested by Effingham County, Ga. police after they admitted to having had sex three times in a tractor trailer parked outside of a church. The two apparently told the officer that they decided to have sex after watching The Notebook

Since I have a real job I could get to the White Trash Wednesday until today, but man am I glad I waited. Doesn’t get any White Trashier than this. And fucking disgusting. God Damn it why did this have to happen in Georgia. Well they can pretty much guarantee they are going straight to Hell. Nothing like a night of watching the Notebook, With your sibling, In your Tractor Trailor, Outside a Church, and then…BARF!!!! I just threw up all over my keyboard. And 3 TIMES?!! There is a very hot place in hell for sicko’s like this.