Number of Arrests for SEC Schools from 2010-2013

Courtesy of @RedditCFB

124 Arrests total. Good God!! Looks like Missouri was a great fit into the SEC. Where you at Texas A&M? Get with the fucking program you stiffs. I don’t care if you are a Military ROTC school. Those guys are usually the craziest fuckers around. Start a bar fight or donkey punch some Cleat chaser, shit. I’m guessing Saban has the Tuscaloosa PD on the payroll because 7 can’t be right. And I swear Tennessee has more than 5 as well. I’m pretty sure they doubled that in 2014 but that was just a raging house party so it shouldn’t count. UGA and Florida are keeping their solid reputation as the Criminals of the Conference. Hey I lived in Athens and I don’t know anyone who wasn’t arrested at some point or another. You should be given 1 “Get out of Jail Free” Card whenever you start school there. Factor it into Tuition somehow.

Here’s a Breakdown of UGA Arrests

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