Archive | August 12, 2014

Ol’ Ball Coach Breaking it Down

**Turn on the Sound**

No Big Deal. Just Spurrier showing the team how the Ladder Drill is done. Looking more like the Salsa Dance but whatever he’s 69. Victor Cruz might have a run for his money. I really like him more and more as the years go by. Love watching him get pissed and throwing his visor most though.

Michigan WR Suspended Sucker Punching Dude

NIGHTY NIGHT!!! Dude got knocked the fuck out…DAMN!! I mean anyone would have getting sucker punched like that. Wolverines Sophomore Csont’e York threw this pussy ass sucker punch at poor little whitey at a bar. And more impotantly… Csont’e? What the fuck kind of name is Csont’e? Never heard that one before. He better get his shit together because if football doesn’t work out, good luck getting a “Real”┬ájob with a name like that. I mean how is that even pronounced…Ka Son Tay? Get your shit together brah cause your folks fucked you.