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SEC 2014 Predictions: East and West Champs


Call me Bias. Call me a Homer. Call me a fucking idiot. And then kiss my ass. I AM Bias. I AM a Homer. I AM can be a fucking idiot. But I’m not putting the Dawgs on top of the East because I’m a UGA fan. I’m putting them there because I think they are the best team in a down East. They do have a few question marks in Hutson Mason and their Secondary. The key to Hutson Mason’s success is limiting his mistakes and getting the ball to his playmakers. I also think this what Mason is best at. He knows the system and knows where to go with the ball. And most of all, He has the beast in Todd “TG3” Gurley behind him. Gurley is THE BEST RB in the country. The Dawgs will go as far as TG3 carries them.

As for the Defense and specifically the Secondary, I think Jeremy Pruitt is the Defensive Coordinator UGA has been looking for since BVG. He is demanding and a winner. I don’t think he’ll be afraid to get in their face and “Motherfuck” someone. He and Richt got rid of the punk ass kids who would rather goof around than contend for National Championships and made the entire D start from scratch. After the Grantham “Era” that’s exactly what they needed.

PREDICTION: 11-1 (7-1 in SEC)

SEC West Champs: Alabama Crimson Tide

Damn that’s some serious Hardware. Love em or Hate em…everyone is jealous of their success. When you have been the best team in College Football damn near year in and year out your gonna be hated. And especially when you have dipshit redneck pieces of shit fans. Not all Bama fans. I have plenty of Bama friends. And they will even be the 1st to say they have some piece of shit fans. But between them, Saban, and those rings, Alabama is the most hated team in College Football. And Guess what? You’re gonna hate them again this year.

I think the West will be decided again by the Iron Bowl. However, with the game being in Tuscaloosa this year and the Kick Six from last year, no way Saban doesn’t have his team ready for redemption.

The Crimson Tide still don’t know who will be their starting QB this year but with the RB’s (Yeldon, Henry, and Drake) they have, I could probably play QB and win 9 games. Sims and Coker will probably both see plenty of time this season. Their D will be tough as always, that is what Saban and Bama are known for. It won’t be as easy for Bama as past years but I still give them the “Upper Hand” because of the Upper Hand.

PREDICTION: 11-1 (7-1 in SEC)


Louisville Fan Goes H.A.M. on “Optimistical” CATS Fans

This Video gets me more hyped for Football season than anything. This what its all about. Drunk ass fans talking shit to their rivals. That’s what I’m fucking talking about…WOOO!!!! I love the passions this kid shows. He’s so fucking hyped, or Drunk, that he’s just making up fucking words. And this is Louisville and Kentucky FOOTBALL he’s talking about. Not Georgia/Florida. Not Michigan/Ohio State. Not Auburn/Alabama. Football season is in the Air Motherfuckers. Every fan should be “Optimistical” going into the season. It’s the beauty of College Football. And the better part is any fan’s dreams can be crushed after week one as well. GET HYPED!!!

PS. How about the Bags under this kids eyes. Look like he’s been on a week long bender!! Fuck it…Keep the bender going. 9 More Days til Kickoff!!

SEC 2014 Predictions: 2nd Place Finishers


South Carolina, like a lot of teams in the SEC this year, lost some key players from a year ago. The Gamecocks are coming off a 11-2 season though. I think with QB Dylan Thompson having a good amount of SEC experience and one of the better RBs in a loaded SEC RB class, SC will have another really good season. The Ol’ Ball Coach will have the Gamecocks ready to compete for and SEC East title run. The early season match up against UGA in Columbia will probably once again be the deciding factor on who will come out of the East. I think UGA has the upper hand with their skill position players especially with Heisman Candidate Todd “TG3” Gurley.

PREDICTION: 10-2 (6-2 in SEC)


2nd in the West: AUBURN TIGERS

The Auburn Tigers are coming off a hugely surprising 2013 Season. The Tigers had 2 Incredibly “Lucky” plays last season to put them in the National Championship game. But every team needs a little luck to make it into the Championship Game. I don’t see Auburn being able to repeat their 2013 Championship run. With the “Iron Bowl” in Tuscaloosa and the “Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry in Athens  this season, Alabama and Georgia will be out for some serious revenge. Nick Marshall will probably put up crazy numbers in Gus Malzahn’s offense and could be a serious Heisman Contender. They will have to replace star RB Trey Mason but with the talent they recruit that shouldn’t be terribly difficult. Auburn will have another really good season but I don’t see them making it into the SEC Championship game this year.

PREDICTION: 10-2 (6-2 in SEC)

Notre Dame RB Calls Out Entire SEC

College Spun: Notre Dame’s 2014 schedule, while difficult, does not feature any SEC opponents, unless of course the Irish face off against one in the postseason. That’s a shame, because Irish running back Greg Bryant apparently has some beef with the entire conference and its scheduling policies. 

Bryant, a sophomore tailback who is returning from a knee injury that ended his season prematurely a year ago, took to Twitter earlier this week to boast about how tough Notre Dame’s schedule will be in 2014. He also took a shot at the SEC.

Ok Simmer down now buddy. Not every team is without a conference and has to schedule all 12 games against random teams. I’d love to see the Irish have to face an SEC opponent nearly every week. Even teams like Vandy, who used to be a gimmie game, are tough matchups now. Notre Dame does play some powerhouses like Rice, Purdue, Syracuse, Navy, and Northwestern. I’d take the bottom 4 teams in the SEC (Kentucky, Arkansas, Miss. St, and Vandy) against those teams all day. The SEC has 6 teams in the top 12 of strength of schedule. Mainly because they have to face each other week in and week out. They deserve a game vs. Charleston Southern or UL Monroe. Come on Greg Bryant, I’m going to need you to play a full season of football before you start talking Shit. Oh and didn’t UGA and Notre Dame just schedule home and home’s? Yeah the SEC is real scared of competition. Maybe he should ask his Seniors how Alabama looked a couple years ago in the BCS National Championship Game. That was a fucking Blood Bath.

Bama Fan Being Pretty Aggressive With Their License Plate

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A Crazy Ass Alabama Fan is at it again. A Vanity plate that says “KILGUS”. Holy shit, this person is fucking nuts. If I’m an Auburn fan with anything Auburn on my car, I’m staying clear of this psycho. Cut this guy off and he may cut your fucking head off. I mean its started with Harvey Updyke poisoning trees, now we have this loony threatening Gus Malzahn’s life on a License Plate. Too Aggressive bro. Chill the fuck out. 

SEC 2014 Predictions: Gators & Rebels

3rd in the East: FLORIDA GATORS

Will Muschamp and the Florida Gators should have a much better season than last year. I mean it can’t get much worse. Hell, they could have a repeat of 2013. The Gators are a tough team to predict. I could see them finishing anywhere from 5th to 1st in the East, so I’ll go in the middle. Jeff Driskel is the veteran QB of the league this year. He has to stay healthy and play good football if the Gators want to win. Their D will keep them in games but it’s the O that will have to win the games. Florida has to have a stellar season for Muschamp to keep his job. And with their tough ass schedule I don’t see that happening. My real prediction is that UNC’s Larry Fedora will be their Head Coach in 2015. Love this video below too. 2 Florida players blocking each other in a loss against GA Southern. 

PREDICTION: 7-5 (4-4 in SEC)


3rd in the West: OLE MISS REBELS

Like I said in the last Prediction Post, 3rd & 4th Place came down to LSU and Ole Miss. LSU has finished ahead of Ole Miss 12 of the last 14 seasons. I don’t think it will happen this year. The Rebels have an experienced QB returning in Bo Wallace to go along with some of the best young talent in the conference with a year under their belt now. Ole Miss is a team that you can’t sleep on this year. They have the players and confidence to make a run in the West this year. Still don’t think they have quite enough to top Auburn and Alabama though. Either way this should be a successful year for the Rebs. HOTTY TODDY!!

PREDICTION: 9-3 (5-3 in SEC)


SEC 2014 Predictions: TIGERS Finishing 4th

4th in the East: MISSOURI TIGERS

Mizzou shocked pretty much everyone last season by winning the SEC East. If they repeat this year, I’ll shit a fucking brick. The Tigers lost A LOT on D, a 3 year starter at QB, and stud receiver. Luckily for Missouri, that 3 year starting QB, James Franklin, was often injured. This gave now Starting QB Matty Mauk some good experience. Mauk will put up some really good numbers this season even without their best WR. Dorial Green Beckham is a great talent but a serious fucking knucklehead. He is now Oklahoma’s problem. Missouri will be in the middle of the pack this season in the SEC. How about these Lineman Twerking at Practice? Insert your own Michael Sam joke.

PREDICTION: 8-4 (4-4 in SEC)

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4th in the West: LSU TIGERS

This was a tough one for me. It was between LSU and Ole Miss for the 3 and 4 spot. I just have a feeling this will a down year for the Tigers. They lost a 3,000 yard passer, 1400 yard rusher, and 2 1100 yard receivers to the NFL. That’s a kick to the balls. You don’t just bounce back from that. Even with the top RB recruit in Leonard Fournette, who will be a stud. It’s 2 weeks before the season starts and they still don’t know who will start at QB. They will still win the games they are suppose to especially at home. But I think they struggle against Bama, Auburn, and on the road at Ole Miss and Florida. I would love to play for Les Miles btw. Watch the video below. He just got me fucking pumped sitting on my couch writing this. Makes me want to run through a wall. Nah I’m just gonna stay my lazy ass on the couch. Les will need a lot of these speeches to work this season in a tough West.

PREDICTION: 8-4 (4-4 in SEC)


Ol’ Ball Coach Breaking it Down

**Turn on the Sound**

No Big Deal. Just Spurrier showing the team how the Ladder Drill is done. Looking more like the Salsa Dance but whatever he’s 69. Victor Cruz might have a run for his money. I really like him more and more as the years go by. Love watching him get pissed and throwing his visor most though.

Auburn Has a Pretty Sweet Mural In Their Complex

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How do you NOT put this up in your facilities if your Auburn? Fans Storming the Field after last years Iron Bowl 109 yd Field Goal Return. Pretty bad ass picture, I must say so myself. Probably will go down as the most memorable play in this era. Especially because of the significance of the game. BUCK FAMA!!


SEC 2014 Predictions: East and West 5th Place


I’ve been saying it, Butch Jones has got UT moving in the right direction. And with the recruits they have committed and current underclassman the future will come fast. But Vol fans better not set expectations too high this year. A 500 season is what you are looking at and that is not what Rocky Top is used to. Tough Shit though. With the fucking nightmare roller coaster Tennessee has been on post Fulmer, 500 is okay. UT has a crazy tough schedule too. UT is also in the exact same situation at QB this year as they were last year. Worley will probably get the nod but neither him nor Dobbs took the job over last year. And to make matters a little worse, they nearly have entirely new Offensive and Defensive Lines. Hell, the worse UT plays, the less we have to hear Lame ass Rocky Top. That shit is the WORST, so I hope you Suck.

PREDICTION: 6-6 (3-5 in SEC)

5th in the West: TEXAS A&M AGGIES

Any team that loses 3 1st Rounders to the NFL, will struggle. Especially when those 3 players include the best thing to ever happen to A&M in Johnny Football, A beast of a WR in Mike Evans, and Another starting Left Tackle in Matthews. A&M has capitalized on the Johnny Football hype and brought in some talented recruits. One of which, Kyle Allen, is looking to replace JFF. The Aggies need their Defense to do a 180 from last year because they fucking Sucked. The 12th Man won’t have nearly as much to get hard on’s over this season. Texas A&M is definitely going to have a down year in trying to rebuild post Johnny Football. Oh and everybody needs to remember the name Speedy Noil, his highlights are below.

PREDICTION: 7-5 (3-5 in SEC)