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Jeff Francoeur Victim of Hilarious Prank…Again

To celebrate Frenchy’s call up to the Padres today, his teammates from San Diego’s AAA affiliate, the El Paso Chihuahuas (yes, that’s really the team name), decided to release the above video in which Francoeur was pranked again. You may or may not remember the stunt they pulled earlier this year, convincing poor Jeff that one of his teammates was actually deaf, when in fact, he could hear just fine.

Francoeur again takes this one in stride and laughs it off. He may suck balls as a hitter, but the guy has a great personality and is hard to not root for.

The Braves fan in me hopes he stays in the big leagues for good, whether it be as a pitcher or as a hitter. Now, if we could just get these god damn Braves fans to stop wearing his old jersey to games…


Dan Bilzerian Completely Owns His PR Agent

If you’ve never heard of Dan Bilzerian, check out his Instagram account, If you have balls between your legs I’m guessing you followed him. This dude lives the life that every red blooded, steak eating, women loving, binge drinking man jerks off to. Which means he is nothing like any of us are, or ever will be. The text above with his PR agent solidifies himself as one of the baddest, most Boss motherfucking dudes on earth.


Stuart Scott Gives Wonderful ESPY Speech

If you’re anything like me, you probably can’t stand Stuart Scott and his hip-hoppy, tacky, and generally torturous way of anchoring a sports desk. To me, Scott is almost as unlikeable as Chris Berman. 

Despite my obvious disdain for the way the man goes about his business, I certainly wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone, and hope Scott can win this grueling war.

Last night at the ESPYs, instead of the typical booyahs and cool as the other side of the pillow wannabe gangster talk we usually get, Scott gave a fantastic, heartfelt, moving speech regarding his ongoing cancer battle.

See for yourself below.

If cancer has ever touched anyone in your life, you can undoubtedly empathize with Scott.

Justin Verlander Spends All-Star Break With Kate Upton

upton verlander

Justin Verlander is having an absolute boner of a season thus far. The 31-year old ace is 8-8 with a 4.91 ERA, and missed a trip to the All-Star game for the first time in 6 years.

But don’t feel bad for the guy. He spent his All-Star break on a Mexican beach. With Kate Upton.

I’m sure he was just working on his mechanics.


Another Prank in the Hood Goes Terribly Wrong

I honestly can’t get enough of these videos. Now I’m just waiting for one of these dip shits to get a cap in their ass. I said it last week that these kids must have a death wish. Well that wish almost came through here. These brothas ain’t fucking around. These fucktard kids from the burbs have no business being in the “hood”, let alone asking these brothas if they need a gun. Like the last kid said, “nah I already got one motherfucka”. I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing many more of these videos cause someone is gonna die. And I’m actually ok with that. The law of averages says their time is about up. We’ve all heard the saying “When you play with fire, you’ll get burned”. Well When you fuck with dudes in the hood, you’ll get murt.

Johnny Football Rolling up $20 Bill in the Bathroom…Toot Toot!!


Oh Johnny Football don’t “BLOW” it. Yep had to throw that Pun in there. I’m not saying, I’m just saying. God I hope Johnny Football isn’t dabbing in the nose candy. Holy shit could you imaging the fucking shit storm that would cause? I mean Johnny Football is a trend setter. Maybe he’s coming up with a new way to carry his money. I mean, I’ve never seen anyone roll up a bill (in a bathroom) unless they are about to blow a line.  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt though because he can’t be that fucking stupid. Monday’s are now turning into “What did Johnny Football Do over the Weekend”. He’s poppin bottles in Houston with Floatable Swans. He’s in Vegas with Gronk. He’s taking Selfies with Money Mayweather and Dickbag Bieber. And now he’s rolling up bills in the bathroom. At this rate, someone will find him in an alley in Tijuana getting ass raped outside a Donkey Show before training camp even starts. I’m all for Johnny Football living his life and partying like a rock star but he has to stay off Social Media for a while and pay a buddy to keep people from flashing pics of him in the pisser.

Little Marlins Fan Gets Down!!!

So I’ll be the 10 zillionth person to repost this Vine Video, but it is too good to pass. This kid completely murdered it. All he wanted was to make it on the Jumbo Tron and he didn’t disappoint when he did. That’s how you capitalize on an opportunity. What I love most about it is it came straight from the heart. It started with pure excitement upon noticing he made it. Then the tongue. A chest pound. Lift the Shirt, show the abs. And Go NUTS with those hips. Do you think he planned these moves or practiced them in the mirror at home? Hell No!! That was straight instinct. In 15 years that kid should still be doing that move in the club. First the Robot, Then the Moonwalk, and now This. The moves are now legendary.

“Drive By” Punch!!! One of a kind

This shit just made my day. What a move!! This must be the new grade school version of a “Drive By”.First you gotta get a good start to build up some speed, Ghost Ride the Huffy, Punch your target in the mouth, Chase down your bike, Hope on, and ride the fuck out. That’s how you deal with a bully right there. I’m willing to bet this wasn’t the first “Drive By” Punch this kid has done. That was too damn smooth. This should be a new internet trend. I’d like to see some more videos like this.

Kid’s Playing with Mom’s Toys…Now That’s a Funny PSA

Bahahahaha!! Didn’t see that one coming. Couple of house wives shooting the shit during a play date pick up and BAM!! Rubbery Pink light-saber and a Mechanical Ass Tickling Sai. ON GUARD!! Love the look on the mother’s faces. Pure terror. Yeah so the lesson is Dad’s lock up your guns and Mom’s lock up your Dildos. I’m not sure which one is more dangerous actually. Smells like a light-saber.

Phone Snatching Prank in the Hood…These Guys are Crazy!!

These two Brown kids have some balls. I take that back they don’t have balls they are fucking idiots. I don’t even like going into the hood, let alone walking up to some black dude and snatching his phone out of his hand. I’m the guy who lock his doors when driving in bad areas. That prank can turn into a death wish in a heartbeat. I don’t think its considered a prank if you die from it right? I mean these dudes in the hood are probably use to people trying to  snatch and grab shit. Did you see those killer instincts those dudes had? Homeboy on the basketball court straight hip tosses the prankster on the pavement. Then those youngsters damn near stomp his ass out after a right jab to the jaw. I think I’d come up with another way to get Internet Famous. But to each his own, idiots.