SEC 2014 Predictions: East and West Champs


Call me Bias. Call me a Homer. Call me a fucking idiot. And then kiss my ass. I AM Bias. I AM a Homer. I AM can be a fucking idiot. But I’m not putting the Dawgs on top of the East because I’m a UGA fan. I’m putting them there because I think they are the best team in a down East. They do have a few question marks in Hutson Mason and their Secondary. The key to Hutson Mason’s success is limiting his mistakes and getting the ball to his playmakers. I also think this what Mason is best at. He knows the system and knows where to go with the ball. And most of all, He has the beast in Todd “TG3” Gurley behind him. Gurley is THE BEST RB in the country. The Dawgs will go as far as TG3 carries them.

As for the Defense and specifically the Secondary, I think Jeremy Pruitt is the Defensive Coordinator UGA has been looking for since BVG. He is demanding and a winner. I don’t think he’ll be afraid to get in their face and “Motherfuck” someone. He and Richt got rid of the punk ass kids who would rather goof around than contend for National Championships and made the entire D start from scratch. After the Grantham “Era” that’s exactly what they needed.

PREDICTION: 11-1 (7-1 in SEC)

SEC West Champs: Alabama Crimson Tide

Damn that’s some serious Hardware. Love em or Hate em…everyone is jealous of their success. When you have been the best team in College Football damn near year in and year out your gonna be hated. And especially when you have dipshit redneck pieces of shit fans. Not all Bama fans. I have plenty of Bama friends. And they will even be the 1st to say they have some piece of shit fans. But between them, Saban, and those rings, Alabama is the most hated team in College Football. And Guess what? You’re gonna hate them again this year.

I think the West will be decided again by the Iron Bowl. However, with the game being in Tuscaloosa this year and the Kick Six from last year, no way Saban doesn’t have his team ready for redemption.

The Crimson Tide still don’t know who will be their starting QB this year but with the RB’s (Yeldon, Henry, and Drake) they have, I could probably play QB and win 9 games. Sims and Coker will probably both see plenty of time this season. Their D will be tough as always, that is what Saban and Bama are known for. It won’t be as easy for Bama as past years but I still give them the “Upper Hand” because of the Upper Hand.

PREDICTION: 11-1 (7-1 in SEC)


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