Louisville Fan Goes H.A.M. on “Optimistical” CATS Fans

This Video gets me more hyped for Football season than anything. This what its all about. Drunk ass fans talking shit to their rivals. That’s what I’m fucking talking about…WOOO!!!! I love the passions this kid shows. He’s so fucking hyped, or Drunk, that he’s just making up fucking words. And this is Louisville and Kentucky FOOTBALL he’s talking about. Not Georgia/Florida. Not Michigan/Ohio State. Not Auburn/Alabama. Football season is in the Air Motherfuckers. Every fan should be “Optimistical” going into the season. It’s the beauty of College Football. And the better part is any fan’s dreams can be crushed after week one as well. GET HYPED!!!

PS. How about the Bags under this kids eyes. Look like he’s been on a week long bender!! Fuck it…Keep the bender going. 9 More Days til Kickoff!!


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