SEC 2014 Predictions: East and West 5th Place


I’ve been saying it, Butch Jones has got UT moving in the right direction. And with the recruits they have committed and current underclassman the future will come fast. But Vol fans better not set expectations too high this year. A 500 season is what you are looking at and that is not what Rocky Top is used to. Tough Shit though. With the fucking nightmare roller coaster Tennessee has been on post Fulmer, 500 is okay. UT has a crazy tough schedule too. UT is also in the exact same situation at QB this year as they were last year. Worley will probably get the nod but neither him nor Dobbs took the job over last year. And to make matters a little worse, they nearly have entirely new Offensive and Defensive Lines. Hell, the worse UT plays, the less we have to hear Lame ass Rocky Top. That shit is the WORST, so I hope you Suck.

PREDICTION: 6-6 (3-5 in SEC)

5th in the West: TEXAS A&M AGGIES

Any team that loses 3 1st Rounders to the NFL, will struggle. Especially when those 3 players include the best thing to ever happen to A&M in Johnny Football, A beast of a WR in Mike Evans, and Another starting Left Tackle in Matthews. A&M has capitalized on the Johnny Football hype and brought in some talented recruits. One of which, Kyle Allen, is looking to replace JFF. The Aggies need their Defense to do a 180 from last year because they fucking Sucked. The 12th Man won’t have nearly as much to get hard on’s over this season. Texas A&M is definitely going to have a down year in trying to rebuild post Johnny Football. Oh and everybody needs to remember the name Speedy Noil, his highlights are below.

PREDICTION: 7-5 (3-5 in SEC)


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