SEC 2014 Predictions: East and West 6th Place


Vandy is coming off their best run in school history. Last season was historic for “The Dores” beating UGA, Florida, and Tennessee. On top of that, they’ve made it to more bowl games (4) since 2008 than they had been to total in school history leading up to that. Vandy fans should be offering up OTPHJ’s to James Frankin for what he did for that program. Yeah he’s gone but he left West End in a better place than they’ve ever been. I think new HC Derek Mason will be a good coach but I don’t see them having the year they had the previous few. They lost too many players and coaches from that regime. They do play 4 “High School” Teams though in Temple, UMass, Charleston Southern, and Old Dominion. With a win over Kentucky and one other and they are bowling again this season.Vandy has proved to be a team you can’t overlook anymore.

PREDICTION: 6-6 (2-6 in SEC)


Mississippi State are what they are. Mediocre at best. I personally wish we could replace Miss St with Central Florida or someone. At least no one would have to go to Starkville. I think this might be Dan Mullen’s last year as well. I know he’s got some serious SWAMP ASS going on from that hot as seat he’s been sitting on. Even in a season when the SEC West might be “down” they will still be one of the bottom 2. I just don’t see State competing in the SEC West, EVER, honestly. With the addition of A&M with LSU, Bama, Auburn, and Ole Miss?? Yeah, I’ve got a better shot of hitting the Power Ball.

PREDICTION: 6-6 (2-6 in SEC)


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