Archive | July 31, 2014

2014 USA Today Coaches Poll Released…SEC Dominates


USA Today released their Preseason Coaches Poll today with defending champ Florida State taking the #1 spot. This obviously no surprise at all. The fact that the SEC has half (7) of its teams in the top 25 shouldn’t be a surprise either. Alabama came in at #2, defending SEC Champ Auburn Tigers at 5, and South Carolina at 9 were the teams in the top 10. UGA got the #12 spot just above LSU at 13 and Ole Miss and A&M are 19 and 20 respectively. Missouri, Florida and Miss State were 3 of the 1st 4 left out which means after week 1 win the SEC could have 10 teams in the top 25. Obviously these preseason polls don’t mean dick but to me it means the start of the season is right around the corner. 4 Weeks from today South Carolina and Texas A&M kick off the season. Can’t Wait!!

“A Man’s Guide to Women”- The Most Accurate Video on the Internet

This video is well worth the 7 minutes. The Hot Crazy Matrix is on point. When I have a son, forget talking the Bird’s and the Bee’s, I’m breaking out this video and making him watch it. The “No Go Zone” is 100%. Too bad most of us guys have crossed that line but hopefully if was a Slump Busting situation or we had some serious beer goggles on. When dude got to the “Danger Zone” I lost it. Red Heads, Strippers, girls named Tiffany, and Hair Dressers. And watch out for those Tranny’s fellas.