Archive | July 30, 2014

Homeboy With a Stellar Roof Jump

Yeah I know we’ve all seen the GoPro videos of people doing crazy shit. Sky Diving, Cliff Jumping, Mountain Biking that make us all say, Holy Shit!! This wasn’t quite as extreme as some others but I was just as impressed. Not only did he drop 20 feet or so, but he did it into a slide, onto a sloped roof top, off the roof to the spiral metal staircase, and stick the fucking landing. Props Bro!! Pretty bad ass for a douchey parkour thing. I don’t have the balls to jump over a puddle.

Auburn and Clemson Announce Home and Home Series

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War Damn Tigers!!! A little Tiger on Tiger action. Auburn and Clemson have agreed to a Home and Home series for 2016 in Auburn and 2017 in Clemson. As a Georgia Fan, I love playing Clemson. The campuses are about and hr or 2 away from each other and it has become somewhat of a rivalry. I hate that we can’t get that game on the schedule every year but I get why. If there is any team outside the SEC that I’d like to join it would be Clemson. They have a fun game day Atmosphere and great stadium and tradition the rivals most SEC schools. This Auburn v Clemson matchup should be good early season watching. I respect teams that schedule tough out conference opponents. Fuck I can’t wait for football season. 29 DAYS!!!!


Dude Gets Knocked Out of Million Dollar Buy in Poker Tourney, Pocket Rockets vs Pocket Rockets

At first I was like poor guy, what a terrible beat. Then I thought, Fuck That.  If you can afford a Million Dollar Buy in tourney it probably doesn’t matter. Sure any bad beat in poker will make you fucking sick, but fuck this guy. He’s a professional poker player. I have no sympathy for him. I’m sure he’s taken just a much money from others on worse hands. I’d feel worse for the Average Joe who bets his kids college fund on a hand like this and loses. Because the Average Joe would probably leave the table and go hang himself. This guys probably just went to the closest buffet and ate away his sorrows and entered the next high stakes tournament he could find.

White Trash Wednesday: Florida Women Arrested for Shoplifting Lobster Tails #WTW

Nichole Ann Reed, 30, is accused of stealing 11 lobster tails by sticking them in her pants.

Huffington – I think I just found Famous Jameis Winston’s soul mate. They can be the fucking Bonnie and Clyde of jacking Shellfish. At least Jameis was going to eat the crab legs. This dirty, skanky, disgusting, white trash bitch said she was planning on trading the Lobster Tails for either a Chinese Buffet meal or some Prescription PKs. Yeah right bitch. You ain’t fooling nobody. You know, I know, we all know you weren’t trading Lobster Tails for Chinese Dog Buffet. You had your  dead black meth eyes set on some PKs. I mean that’s probably a fair trade.