Archive | July 28, 2014

Oregon QB Marcus Mariota Has a Killer Class Schedule this Fall…Golf & Yoga!!

Golf and Yoga?!! Oh to be a starting QB for a major D1 program. This dude probably has the best life of any “Student-Athlete” in the game right now. He’s a Heisman Trophy Candidate¬†for a¬†perennial Top 10 team. Has the freshest Jerseys and Team Gear in the Nation. Has a multi-million dollar insurance policy on himself. He’s taking Golf and Yoga as his only classes this fall. And he’s probably smashing every co-ed in that Yoga Class. Genius!!! Yep that’s the life. Props to Mariota who completed his degree in the Spring. No wonder he came back for another season.

Will Muschamp and a Classy Gator Broad

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 12.32.43 PM

This Shirts is so Florida. “I (heart) Big Sacks and a Gator D”. Yeah I bet you do mamma. This is the definition of Gator Class. Come November 1st, UGA will be giving the Gator’s the “D” Dawgystyle. Football Season can’t come quick enough!!

Probably Not the Best Way to Go Off the High Dive

Happy Monday!! This should brighten the start to the work week. I mean shit, she didn’t die so she is fair game to make fun of right? I personally laughed my ass off when I saw the video. I know most normal people would be like “Oh My God that poor girl. I hope she’s okay”. Nope not me. My first though was “OH SHIT!!! She just went Greg Louganis off the high dive. Dumb ass Chick. BAHAHAHAHA”.