Archive | July 25, 2014

Michelle Beadle goes HAM on ESPN First Take and Stephen A Smith

Fucking BOOM!! I didn’t want to do a Ray Rice blog because everyone else all over it and anyone with a Soul knew Roger Gooddell’s “Punishment” on Rice was a fucking joke. The past 2 days have been a shit show on all the ESPN Shows and the Internet. Rice and Gooddell have been getting killed and rightfully so. But of course the clowns at First Take make some controversial statements. Fuck Boy Stephen A Smith and his little Bitch Sidekick Skip Bayless said some classless and ridiculous comments about “Provoking Violence” on themselves. I can’t stand either of these guys. They are the most Unwarranted Arrogant Clowns on Television. I probably, no I do hate them both worse that Chuck Knoblauch. Much respect for Michelle Beadle for calling out her employer and colleagues. You wear that Minishirt Tonight…Rock the Fuck out of it!! And Take Pics. And Post them on Twitter. Please. Thanks.

Tour De France Cyclist Pees During Race

This likely happens all the time, but is never caught on camera or posted to Youtube. Either way, how impressive!

PerhapsĀ he was just submitting a urine sample for testing. Or maybe the grass just needed to be watered.