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My Most Hated Athlete, Chuck Knoblauch, Arrested For Assaulting His Ex

Chuck Knoblauch Charged With Assaulting Ex; HOF Induction Called Off

I love this. Not because he beat on a chick, but because I FUCKING HATE Chuck Knoblauch. I can’t fully explain my hatred for him other than it started when he played for a Twins when they beat the Braves in the World Series. He also played for the Yankees whom I hate as well. The main reason though, is the fucking dude got the Yips and couldn’t make the throw from 2nd to 1st. I understand it’s mental, but can’t respect that. So I think its awesome that the Twins had to cancel his HOF Ceremony due to the arrest. Now that I know he beats women (not the 1st time either) makes me hate him even worse and justifies it all.

PS. He should’ve been like Rune Baker and Memorized Playboy Articles


Today in Sports History… George Brett Pine Tar Incident #TBT

On July 24th 1983 George Brett flipped his fucking shit in one of the most famous Player-Umpire arguments ever. The Hall of Fame 3rd Baseman was tossed from the game after he went yard against the Yankees and Yankee manager Billy Martin protested the amount of Pine Tar on Brett’s bat. After the homeplate umpire ejected him, George Brett lost his motherfucking mind. He literally said “if I get thrown out for using too much pine tar, I’ll run out there and I’ll kill one of those SOBs”. And if he wasn’t restrained by coaches, teammates, and the other umpires he very well might have. It’s pretty bad ass when you’re a Hall of Fame player and your lasting memory for most people is this. Well maybe some people remember him more for shitting his pants. Might be the best video ever.

Jay Cutler Rolls Deep in Big Ass Van


Love him or hate him, Jay Cutler gives zero fucks.

Proof? The guy showed up to Bears mini-camp driving an Uncle Rico-like conversion van.

With other NFLers likely arriving in Bentleys, Mercedes, or Maseratis, Cutler drove up “Dad Style,” as he called it, in what appears to be a Chevrolet Explorer Express Conversion Van.

Oh Jay, how civilian of you. Let’s not get carried away…these fuckers aren’t exactly¬†cheap.