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Guess What Everybody? Tim Tebow Wants ANOTHER Shot At Being An NFL QB

NFL – Another NFL off-season, Another attempt at being an NFL QB for Tim “JC” Tebow. Come on Timmy give it up, it’s not gonna happen. You were one of the All Time Greatest College Football Player but not everyone’s game translates to the next level. You’re game doesn’t translate. You are a winner and a good person but that’s not enough to succeed with the Best of the Best. Please just go into commentating or commercials or public speaking or starting a sunday school class because football isn’t going to happen. And for all those people who say he should change positions…Shut the Fuck up, You’re an Idiot. I hope we don’t have to hear about this again next year.



Sad News in Broncos Country…Pat Bowlen Step Down

Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen stepped down today as owner of the Denver Broncos. Bowlen is relinquishing control of the team to President Joe Ellis  because he has been battling  Alzheimer’s for a few years. Bowlen has owned the Broncos for 30 years, 6 of which they went to the Super Bowl, winning titles in ’97 and ’98.

Growing up in Denver, I became a big Broncos fan. They are my team in the NFL. I’ll always remember Pat Bowlen as the man to make sure John Elway got his title. He has always been a “hands on” owner but not like Jerry Jones or Al Davis “hands on” though. One thing about Bowlen is that he loved the game and always wanted to win. The Broncos had a couple down seasons after Elway, but they’ve been a perennial contender in the AFC West.

The Broncos will not be sold and the long term plan is for one of his 7 children to take over when ready. Until then Joe Ellis and #7 will make decisions. When the Broncos won their 1st Super Bowl Pat Bowlen said “This One’s for John”. I have a feeling John will be saying the same thing back to Pat come February. GO BRONCOS!!!

Jeff Francoeur Victim of Hilarious Prank…Again

To celebrate Frenchy’s call up to the Padres today, his teammates from San Diego’s AAA affiliate, the El Paso Chihuahuas (yes, that’s really the team name), decided to release the above video in which Francoeur was pranked again. You may or may not remember the stunt they pulled earlier this year, convincing poor Jeff that one of his teammates was actually deaf, when in fact, he could hear just fine.

Francoeur again takes this one in stride and laughs it off. He may suck balls as a hitter, but the guy has a great personality and is hard to not root for.

The Braves fan in me hopes he stays in the big leagues for good, whether it be as a pitcher or as a hitter. Now, if we could just get these god damn Braves fans to stop wearing his old jersey to games…

White Trash Wednesday: Alabama Man Buys Natty Light with Stolen Credit Card

Editor’s Note: This is the first WTW post that is not Florida-related. 

According to a Tuscaloosa news source, police are looking for a man who bought two 30-packs of Natural Light with a stolen credit card. The suspect, shown in the surveillance photo above wearing (surprise surprise) an Alabama t-shirt, purchased the $47 worth of beer on July 15th in a Tuscaloosa convenience store.

Good for him. Obviously he thought that if he bought the same old cheap shit that he always drinks, nobody would suspect that the credit card was stolen. Or perhaps I’m wrong…maybe Natty is a step up from his usual Milwaukee’s Best or Busch Light. I’m not hating – I’ll throw back a Natural Light any day of the week, but if I had an indispensable amount of money, I’d probably at least go for a decent bottle of bourbon.