Greg Maddux Loved to Pee on Stuff


Greg Maddux will officially be inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend in Cooperstown, along with former teammate Tom Glavine, former manager Bobby Cox, Frank Thomas, and Joe Torre.

Everyone knows that Maddux was a legend on the field, winning 355 games, 4 consecutive Cy Young awards, and 18 Gold Gloves. What many casual fans don’t know about, however, are the legendary “pranks” he used to pull off the field during his 23 years as a Major Leaguer.

Readers can head over to Total Frat Move to find out more, but here are a few of my favorites:

I could tell you about how he (allegedly) urinated in the hot tub when he was a young Cubs pitcher, that story told to me years ago by Andre Dawson, who was in the big tub with a couple of other Cubs veterans when young Maddux informed them that he’d relieved himself in it a few minutes earlier.

Maddux used to like to find different ways to soil the clubhouse bin of sanitary socks, so thoroughly that teammates would have to carefully reach in to find a still clean pair, like it was a basket full of cobras, so as not to touch the socks that Maddux tainted. The story doesn’t say what Maddux did to them, but my guess is there was a solid rotation of bodily fluids going into the sock bin.

H/T to reader Daniel Clower for the link.

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