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LSU Freshman Almost Cuts His Arm Off Punching a Window

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CollegeSpun – We’ve got some unfortunate news tonight out of LSU. Freshman defensive tackle Trey Lealaimatafao suffered a gruesome arm injury after punching a window in the team’s weight room after he was reportedly upset about a disagreement with his girlfriend. It was originally reported by that Lealaimatafao might have to have his arm amputated – thankfully, that does not appear to be the recently received an update from LSU SID Michael Bonnette.

The sources said the glass “tore through” Lealaimatafao’s bicep and they could see the bone underneath.

He was immediately taken to an area hospital and is being treated for the injury, Bonnette said. Bonnette said there was no danger of amputation as previously reported.

Hey you mad bro? Wasn’t like you busted a window out of joy like Lattimer making the “Starting Defense, place at the table”. Nope just pissed at his girl. 1st mistake is having a GF when you’re a freshman football player at LSU. 2nd mistake is obviously punching glass. You will lose that fight everytime. And in this case almost lose your Arm and even Life. Come on bro. Move on from what ever that trick did, finish your workout, and smash the next girl that gives you the eye. On the bright side, at least he didn’t Choke her out like someone at another SEC school.

Reader Participation: Which Atlanta Sports Play Would Make the Best Statue?

the tip2

According to Yahoo Sports, two Seattle Seahawks fans are trying to raise money to build a statue commemorating “the tip,” Richard Sherman’s famous defensive play that sent Seattle to the Super Bowl last year.

Starting July 28, the two fans will begin a campaign to raise $250,000 to build the statue at

This, of course, got me thinking about which play in Atlanta sports history deserves a statue. Obvious choices are Sid Bream’s slide into home plate to win the 1992 NLCS, Jamal Anderson’s “Dirty Bird” celebration, or that time Zaza Pachulia headbutted Kevin Garnett.

Well, maybe those aren’t all obvious choices, but I’m stumped.

Sound off in the comments!

UGA DT Jonathan Taylor Arrested for Felony Aggravated Assault

Jonathan Taylor

AJC – Well Well Well. ANOTHER SEC player arrested. This time it’s Georgia’s Projected Starting D Tackle Jonathan Taylor. This is the 2nd time he was arrested this off season too. Pack your bags buddy. In what world do these guys think its okay to rough up women, especially when you are 6-4 340 lb grown ass man. You were given your 2nd chance by CMR earlier this year when you tried to cash a check twice, dumb ass.

I might not agree with UGA’s Strict Drug (Weed) Policy but you can’t be lacks when it comes to Stealing and Choking Out Women. There is no place for guys like that on a top football program. Oh wait nevermind, Auburn and Louisville are already making plans to bring Taylor in.

Greg Maddux Loved to Pee on Stuff


Greg Maddux will officially be inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend in Cooperstown, along with former teammate Tom Glavine, former manager Bobby Cox, Frank Thomas, and Joe Torre.

Everyone knows that Maddux was a legend on the field, winning 355 games, 4 consecutive Cy Young awards, and 18 Gold Gloves. What many casual fans don’t know about, however, are the legendary “pranks” he used to pull off the field during his 23 years as a Major Leaguer.

Readers can head over to Total Frat Move to find out more, but here are a few of my favorites:

I could tell you about how he (allegedly) urinated in the hot tub when he was a young Cubs pitcher, that story told to me years ago by Andre Dawson, who was in the big tub with a couple of other Cubs veterans when young Maddux informed them that he’d relieved himself in it a few minutes earlier.

Maddux used to like to find different ways to soil the clubhouse bin of sanitary socks, so thoroughly that teammates would have to carefully reach in to find a still clean pair, like it was a basket full of cobras, so as not to touch the socks that Maddux tainted. The story doesn’t say what Maddux did to them, but my guess is there was a solid rotation of bodily fluids going into the sock bin.

H/T to reader Daniel Clower for the link.