Zach Mettenberger Sucker Punched at Popular Nashville Bar


Tennessean – Tennessee Titan’s 6th Round Pick from LSU, Zach Mettenberger was sucker punched by non other than an Alabama fan this past weekend at Losers in Nashville. Mettenberger was minding his own business at the popular Losers Bar in Midtown when some chump redneck POS Bama fan yells “Roll Tide” to the former LSU QB. Met responded with “Good Luck with that” and then the guys buddy sucker punched him in the eye. What a pussy!!! I live in Nashville and it’s a town where most Celebs can go wherever without being harassed. It is the middle of SEC Country too with Fans from every school all over town. Fan on Fan fights are okay. But when you start sucker punching a guy because he played for your rival school, you deserve to get fucking Curbed. The worst part is that the little fuck boy punched Met and darted out the door. Talk about a bitch move. If you’re gonna sucker punch someone you better man up and stick around for the 6-5 230 lb man to gather himself  and have the chance to fuck you up. If I see you around town Zach, I’ll buy you a beer. After going to that UGA v LSU game last year, I got nothing but respect. Go DAWGS!!



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