SEC Media Days Recap…Part 2

Day 2 feature The Ol Ball Coach, Sorry ass Mississippi State, Johnny Football-less Texas A&M, and The boys from Rocky Top.


One of the highlights every year at the SEC Media Days is The Ol Ball Coach, Steve Spurrier. He rarely bites his tongue, cracks jokes, and stirs up controversy. Spurrier is a walking sound bite and a person EVERYONE can’t wait to take the podium. And once again he didn’t disappoint. The Ol Ball Coach touched on several topics but a handful stood out and were more entertaining.

He said Nick Saban was the best recruiter in the history of College Football because of his 5 out of 6 #1 Recruiting classes. As much as he like to say something to get a rise out of everyone, he knows what Alabama has done the past 5 years. That and he rarely has to face them unless it’s in Atlanta for the SEC Championship.

Spurrier also went on a humorous rant about South Carolina’s new SEC West rival in Texas A&M and the trophy that is attached to the game.

My favorite take away from The Ol Ball coach was something that he didn’t speak on but was something announced during the day. Spurrier will be the focus of an SEC Network piece titled “The Believer”. I know I can’t wait for that to air.

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I’m sure there was all of 12 people in the house for MSU Media Day. And those 12 were probably forced to cover them. Dan Mullen is right there with Will Muschamp where he needs a good season in order to be back next year. As for the Media Day coverage there isn’t a lot to talk about. Some reporter asked Mullen about the World Cup and his thoughts. Mullen actually rolled with the question and knew what he was talking about in his answer. I probably would’ve taken a different approach to the question and told the reporter that he was a fucking idiot and who cared about the World Cup now that its over. Football season unofficially starts during these Media Days so ask a question about Mississippi State Football clown. Mullen did say that SEC football and European Football were similar in the passions their fans have for their teams. True Statement. As for Mississippi States upcoming season, it’s gonna be a long hard road. The West is stocked as always and Mississippi State is Mississippi State. They are returning 30 players who started a game last year though. I’m going to go ahead and say this will be Dan Mullen’s last SEC Media Day as the Head Coach at MSU. That’s a blessing in disguise for Dan though. He gets to get the fuck out of Starkville.

Mississippi State still doesn’t deserve a picture or video…Sorry but you suck.


So did you hear that Johnny Manziel went pro and no longer plays for Texas A&M? Yeah me too, but most the media referred to Johnny Football Eightball (That’s for you BHAM) during their questioning. My favorite answer by Kevin Sumlin in response to one of the questions was, “Is this the SEC Media Days? No, that’s a great question — about the Cleveland Browns”. You can’t blame the media though because its Johnny Eightball. Everyone still wants to talk about him. Texas A&M will not only have to replace the living legend but also 2 other 1st Round draft picks. Luckily they are still pretty loaded.  The QB position is still in question on who will replace Johnny but they have a couple young players to choose from. Kevin Sumlin also touched on his dominance on recruiting in the state of Texas over the state school in Austin. He is absolutely loving the fact that they are a part of the SEC. You can tell Kevin Sumlin is ready to put the Johnny Football circus behind him though.


Butch Jones is back for his 2nd year at Media Days and as head coach of Rocky Top. Butch Jones is about the complete opposite as Steve Spurrier and Les Miles. He is not going to entertain you and he’s not going to give the information you are really looking for. Butch has an agenda going into these media sessions and doesn’t stray from it. He’s more like Nick Saban in the sense that no matter how good or bad his team is, they always have stuff to work on. Butch’s #1 priority though is to bring UT back to prominence after the Kiffin and Dooley debacles. So far so good. He is killing it on the recruiting trails and is representing Rocky Top in all the right ways.

On the field Tennessee has to replace all of their Defensive and Offensive lines. That is something no team wants to do, especially when you are rebuilding and don’t even know who the starting QB is going to be. Coach Jones and UT’s moto this year is the “Power of One”, “We have to win one moment at a time, one play at the same time, one practice at the same time, one day at the same time, have one unity of purpose, one common commitment, and one mindset.”

As much as I like Butch Jones and think he will turn UT Football around. It’s disappointing and hard to believe that he was a Band Geek.



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