You Can Hate The Yankees But It’s Hard to Hate The Captain

Let me start off by saying I can’t stand the Yankees. I mean I HATE the Yankees. Actually now that I think about it, as long as they don’t make the playoffs and keep losing, I don’t even care about the Yankees. But as much and as long as I’ve hated the Evil Empire, I have always liked and respected their Captain, Derek Jeter. Maybe because he was a one of the rare Yankees that came up through the system. Maybe because he kept his mouth shut and just played ball. Maybe because he never demanded ridiculous contracts. I think the main reason is because he was one of the guys who did everything the right way. You never heard his name come up in Steroid or PED talk. He always made the clutch play and deferred the attention and praise to his team.  And his name never came up for off the field problems. As a mater a fact the only time his name came up off the field was when tabloids and media  were trying to figure out what piece of ass he was tagging that week. That maybe Jeter’s biggest accomplishment. The notches on his bed post are rivaled by no one (Quality and Quantity). He was the ultimate playboy in NYC for nearly 2 Decades.  And he never got married to have one of those cleat chasing hoes take half his money. RE2PECT!!


PS. I love this new Commercial. Perfect for Jeter.


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