Brian Harman Becomes 6th Dawg to Win on PGA Tour in ’14

Former University of Georgia golfer Brian Harman withstood a late challenge from Zach Johnson to claim his first PGA Tour victory at the John Deere Classic on Sunday.

In doing so, Harman became the 6th bulldog to win on tour in 2014, joining Harris English, Russell Henley, Brendon Todd, Chris Kirk, and of course, Bubba Watson.

Georgia golf coach Chris Haack must have a raging boner right now. It’s one thing to have led the dawgs to two national championships, seven SEC titles, and 49 team tournament titles on his watch, but to have 6 winners in one year against the BEST PLAYERS ON THE PLANET? FUCKING RIGHT.

I imagine that going forward, he can do what Nick Saban undoubtedly does when landing recruits:

“With all due respect Mom and Dad Considering Other Schools for Their Kid, but fuck those other schools. I coached up six guys who are making a shit load of money right now. If you want your kid playing on the fucking tour, then send his ass to Florida or LSU. Sure, he may get to play on the Golf Channel for the NCAA Championships once a year, but fuck that; sign with me and he’ll be playing on TV every damn weekend.”

Of course, golf is a refined, gentleman’s game, so I’m sure it’s more along the lines of Haack playing 18 on some snooty course in St. Simons, smoking Cuban cigars with the kid’s dad, and then begging the little silver spooned shit to sign with him.


3 responses to “Brian Harman Becomes 6th Dawg to Win on PGA Tour in ’14”

  1. Bham says :

    Dawgs on TOP baby! Don’t hate on the SSI courses…I’m playing for $18 a round down there this week! I’ll tell Haack you said hello.


  2. johnnyguch says :

    I’d kill for $18/round right now. I play on shit courses up here in Chicago for like $60. Go dawgs!


    • Bham says :

      Same here, just messing with ya. My brother has a some sort of pass that knocks the price down for us. Great post on the Dawgs! It’s really unreal and not counting Patrick Reed that started at UGA.


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