Minor League Pitcher Channels Randy Johnson, Kills Bird with Pitch

Jon Maciel of the West Michigan Whitecaps, a Detroit Tigers affiliate, did this over the weekend:

It’s tough to see what actually happens until later in the broadcast when they slow it down during the replay, but holy shit…for this to happen again is simply amazing. What are the odds, you might ask? Well, apparently some physics geeks discussed this in a thread a few years back.

Apparently, this isn’t that odd. A google search for “Randy Johnson bird” reveals yet another incident from 2012.

You’d think that birds would have spread the word by now. DON’T FLY INTO BASEBALL FIELDS DURING A GAME, OR ELSE YOU WILL DIE.

Or maybe these are all just suicide attempts. I suppose flying around all day, pissing people off, scavenging food, and dropping white liquid shits on car windshields isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.



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