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University of Florida Put Aaron Hernandez as Mr. July in 2014 Calendar…Oops!!

Aaron Hernandez Is In This 2014 Florida Gators Calendar

Ummm Really Florida? This is why I love to hate on Florida. The State, The People, The School. And they make it SOOO Easy. I don’t know when they start making Calendars for the following year but I’m pretty sure I’d cancel any and all prints that would contain a Savage Murderer “Suspected” Murderer. I mean Hernandez was originally arrested over a year ago and has been locked up since then. Way to keep it classy GAYtors.


A Laurens County, South Carolina state trooper was caught on video harassing the shit out of Bengals defensive end Sam Montgomery. 

Watch for yourself:

Sure, it was technically illegal for Montgomery to be driving at such an excessive speed (89 in a 55). Just ask Yasiel Puig.

But holy shit was this guy a real prick. I’m not one that goes fishing for an “it’s because he’s black” angle, but the video reminded me of this Family Guy clip. Maybe it was the yelling, the immediate arrest without question, or the threat to taser a guy who was obviously cooperating, but something tells me that this guy sees unusually large black men as a threat.

According to Fox, the officer, R.S. Salter, had been reprimanded previously for not ticketing former the driver of former Governor Mark Sanford back in 2009.

That’s just great. Another police officer with a damn chip on his shoulder. As if these guys don’t already think they’re above the law.

Perhaps the R.S. in officer Salter’s name stands for “really salty,” or perhaps “racist scumbag.”