Another SEC Fan’s Car…Roll Tide Edition

Photos: For $6500, This Car With An Incredible Alabama Themed Interior Can Be Yours, Crimson Tide Fans

Yep, thats the interior of this beauty. Can you guess what the outside looks like? Click Here. Not what you expected huh? I mean it’s still a piece of shit but a teal piece of shit? I was thinking it was going to be all Houndstooth. Not gonna lie, I was pretty disappointed. I did enjoy that state of the art sound system though. I bet that shit is BUMPIN!! And by BUMPIN, I mean Rattling like loose change in your pocket and a speed bump away from catching fire. Oh and what are those 6 x 9’s in the back window? Shit is tight!!! Good thing you got those Amps to push those.  And it’s all yours for the Low Low of $6500!!



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