LeBron opts out of Contract…Here we go again

Son of a Bitch. Here we go again. I guess I won’t be watching SportsCenter all fucking summer. I swear to god if Brett Favre comes out of retirement I’m going to flip my shit and kill errbody in the bitch. Listen, I LOVE the fact that Lebron may be leaving Miami and “taking his talents” to wherever the hell he chooses. I can’t wait for all these piece of shit bandwagon Heat fans to have to cheer for Minnesota or Washington and act like they’ve been fans for years. Not that he’ll go to either pf those teams but that would be awesome. No matter where he goes, the team will be an automatic contender because he’s the best player on the planet and makes people like Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, and “Boobie” Gibson look decent when in actuality they belong on their local “Y” team.

Honestly though, I want LeBron to have another “Decision” announcement. I want ESPN and all their “Insiders” to guarantee that he’s going back to Cleveland and have LBJ shit on them again. Holy Shit, Cleveland would literally put a hit out for Bron Bron.


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