Croatian and Mexican Fans Brawl in the Stands

That’s what I’m fucking talking about. Why haven’t there been more fights in the stands during the World Cup? I figured every game would feature a brawl. Shit, Philadelphia fans fight the opposing fans just for the hell of it. The fight was okay, no one got dropped from what we can see. Just some scrappy Mexicans and a few “Snatch” looking Pikey’s throwing a few blows in the 100 section. Security should’ve let this one go. That would’ve been a hell of a fight. Neither side would’ve ever quit. Winner gets a new Caravan. Best part of the video is dude smoking the heater. I’m sure he had that thing hanging out of his lips like a mechanic while he’s throwing haymakers. Fight gets stopped, go back to puffing on that cig my man. Hardo!!


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