NBA Prospect Cheers Ronaldo; Haters Ball Ensues

NBA Draft Prospect and Cameroon native Joel Embiid posted this tweet following Cristiano Ronaldo’s magnificent, game-tying assist Sunday night in the waning seconds of the USA-Portugal game. 

The aftermath was old-fashioned, glorious, Ugly-American hate:

  • “fuck you you crippled bitch”
  • “Cameroon are the worst team in the World Cup”
  • “bye unfollowed go heal your foot”
  • “I’m a KU fan but fuck you, you blew the tournament for us just like you’ll blow your NBA career”

And my favorite: 

  • “if it wasn’t for the USA you’d still be living in a third world country, show some respect.”

Total dick move by Embiid. I’m sure that, in addition to being a Ronaldo fan, the dude also loves the Miami Heat, the Cowboys, and the fucking Yankees. In fact, minutes earlier he tweeted, “I just wish my boy Landon Donovan was playing.”  

So, Ronaldo and Donovan are both your boys? Fuck you. Being a bandwagon fan is one thing, but don’t be a god damned troll.

Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate


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