Brando Picks UCLA to Win NCAA Football Championship?!!

College Spun –  SEC Network announcer and Sirius XM radio host Tim Brando released his annual college football preseason top 10 list today, and has a surprising team listed at No. 1 overall: the UCLA Bruins. Other than that, his top 10 isn’t too surprising, other than maybe leaving Alabama out of his top five, as the Crimson Tide are Brando’s 7th-ranked team in the nation.

Brando’s Preseason CFB Top 10:

10. LSU

9. Wisconsin

8. Oregon

7. Alabama

6. Baylor

5. South Carolina

4. Michigan St.

3. Oklahoma

2. FSU


What is surprising is what Brando thinks will happen after the season. Along with his preseason top 10, Brando also picked the four teams he think will participate in college football’s playoffs. They all have one thing in common: none of the teams he selected play in the SEC.

Come on Tim Brando. I’m guessing he just trying to start some shit. He’s an SEC Network announcer and it’s his off season. No way he still has this same list come August. Maybe he just hates history. How can anyone reasonably pick a top 2 let alone a top 4 and not have and SEC team in the mix. FSU broke the SEC’s BCS Champion streak last year but Auburn was still right in the game until the end. I’m sure in 5 years Auburn will try to somehow claim it as a Championship but that’s not the topic here. And to have the Gamecocks as the highest ranked SEC team. ERRONEOUS!! What the hell has UCLA done to make Brando think they will be #1? Yes they have a stud QB in Hudley but they are UCLA? If any PAC 12 team makes the top 4 it’s Oregon or Stanford.

So that brings me to MY Preseason Top 10…

10. Georgia

9. Stanford

8.  Baylor

7. Alabama

6. Ohio State

5. Oklahoma

4. Oregon

3. Auburn

2. Michigan State

1. FSU





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