WTF? GA Man Shoots Himself in the Junk…Drives to a friends house.

The Raw – A man in Macon, Georgia accidentally shot himself in the penis while attempting to holster his gun last week. According to WMAZ Channel 13, the man was parked at a gas station and was attempting to put away the .45 caliber pistol when it discharged, striking him in the groin. The man immediately drove to a friend’s house. According to police, the victim dropped his pants to find that he had shot himself in the penis and that the bullet had exited his body through the buttocks. As he disrobed, the spent round fell to the floor. The victim was driven to the Coliseum Northside hospital by a friend, then transferred to the Medical Center of Central Georgia.

Well you don’t see this everyday. OUCH!! I’m not sure whether to call this guy a fucking moron or a fucking champ. I mean dude SHOT HIMSELF IN THE DICK. Got in his car. Drove to a friends. And then “discovered’ that he had indeed SHOT HIMSELF IN THE DICK. Did he not realize that the gun went off and now he has a burning feeling in his crotch and it’s bleeding all over the place. I’m sorry, I’m bypassing my buddies place and headed straight to the ER. Unless the friend is a doctor who can fix him up or a smoking hot chick who will apply pressure, I’m not stopping for a motherfucking thing. I can just imaging what his buddy was thinking when he showed up.

Friend: “Hey [guy who shot his dick off], bout time you showed up. Want a beer?”

Guy who shot his dick off: Nah I’m good, I could use a some vodka, a towel, and some needle and thread though.

Friend: Needle and thread?

Guy who shot his dick off: Oh I was at the curb store down the street and shot my dick off holstering my gun. You know typical Tuesday. Figured I’d come here and stitch it up.



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