NBA Prospect asked stupidest question by NBA Team


Bleacher Report – While participating in pre-NBA draft interviews with teams, prospects will get asked some unusual questions. Those questions may not be relevant to basketball, but teams like to see how a player will respond. One team apparently gave former Michigan star Nik Stauskas something to think about with one of its questions: Would he rather win Rookie of the Year or Party/Tour with Justin Bieber?

What kind of question is that? I’m sure it was one of many that they asked but really? I get it, they want to see how mature he is and if he likes to party and shit like that. Fuck that. I’m probably giving to much credit to some of the dumb assess that go through the pre-draft process, but what do they think the answer would be? How about ask if they would rather party with Justin Bieber or Leonardo DiCaprio? That’ll tell you more about a kid. And if their answer is the Biebs, the GM or whoever asking should be able to then kick the prospect square in the dick. YEP, FULL ON PUNT STYLE KICK RIGHT IN THE DICK. I’m so tired of hearing about that bratty punk ass piece of shit Justin Bieber. Speaking of kicking in the dick, I would do just about anything to kick that fuck boy right in the jimmy.

That brings me to a question though. If you could party with one Sports AND one Entertainment Celebrity for a night who would it be?

I’m going with…








8 responses to “NBA Prospect asked stupidest question by NBA Team”

  1. DDanger says :

    Denis Rodman & Jenny McCarthy.


  2. mroberts says :

    I would go with Steve Elkington for sports star. His stories from Jim Rome are incredible. Aa for celeb, I would go with Sam Elliot!


  3. Apple says :

    Andre the Giant and Snoop.


  4. Bham says :

    Right now I’d have to go with Charles Barkley and Dan Bilzerian.
    Also, I have to question Danger’s Rodman pick…he’s broke, dresses like a woman, sober, and might be gay. Not exactly my idea of a good time.


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