Weren’t We Supposed to Beat Ghana?

Ok, I’m going to give my quick take on the US World Cup game vs. Ghana. First off, I don’t give a shit about soccer and don’t know shit about soccer. The extent of my life of soccer is and MVP award at 5 and several games of FIFA for XBox. So that gives me enough clout to talk about it. And let me state that I think it’s awesome that the entire United States are collectively cheering for one team. In every other sport we all have our own teams. This is just about the only time people in Ohio and Michigan, Georgia and Florida, Alabama and Everywhere else, will all be cheering for the same team. I loved seeing the reactions at the watch parties all across the country.

My issue is that the US is underdogs. Why the fuck is the US underdogs in anything?!! I mean we are 2 Time Defending World War Champions, have the best athletes in the world, and have the Funds and Facilities. And against Ghana? You can’t tell me that the US can’t field a team that is not only suppose to beat Ghana every time but at least be in the top 5-10 in the world? You gotta be fucking kidding me. Ghana?!! Ghana is a 3rd world country is it not? Close enough I’m sure. I mean they had to ration electricity for fucks sake so everyone would have a chance to watch it? The US has over 300 million people vs Ghana’s 25. And I’m willing to bet half of them are getting sent 2014 Miami Heat Champions Shirts any day now.

Either way I’ll be cheering the fuck out of the Ol US of A!!



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