“Role Tide” Represent at Bonnaroo


Well if this is right up Bad Grammar Sports alley, I don’t know what is. Over the weekend Manchester, TN hosted its annual Bonnaroo Music festival. They had a few Graffiti walls set up for the festival-goers to tag up and obviously a Bama Fan had to mark some territory. I like it. Represent your hood SEC. I probably would’ve put “GO DAWGS” up there. But you can’t fuck it up. I mean this person has probably been saying “Roll Tide” his who life. It was probably his 1st words if he comes from an Alabama family. At first I thought about giving him the benefit of the doubt that maybe this dude was fucked up out of his mind, it is Bonnaroo. But I’m willing to bet this dumb motherfucker sees nothing wrong with “Role Tide”. Probably been spelling it that way for years.


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