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The Braves are Really Shitting the Bed Right Now

Living here in Chicago, I gladly pay MLB TV $20 a month so that I can watch my beloved Braves every night.

I’m starting to think that I should ask for my money back, because this team is anything but a joy to watch. 

We’ve lost 7 of our last 11 games, and now trail Washington by a half of a game in the NL East. Watching this team is absolutely painful. They don’t play baseball the way baseball is supposed to be played. Aside from maybe one or two guys, every hitter in the lineup is selfish, refusing to be selective at the plate, bunt, or even just put the ball in play to advance or score a runner. 

This team is built on the 3-run homer, they keep telling us. Guess how many we have so far this year?  Fucking 7! 59 of our 68 total home runs have been solo or 2-run shots.  

I’m absolutely sick of hearing Chip Caray mutter, “And now (insert mediocre pitcher) has a career high (insert high number) strikeouts on the night.” We made Kyle Kendrick, who was 1-6 with a 4+ ERA entering last night’s game, look like he was pitching against 12 year olds.  

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Weren’t We Supposed to Beat Ghana?

Ok, I’m going to give my quick take on the US World Cup game vs. Ghana. First off, I don’t give a shit about soccer and don’t know shit about soccer. The extent of my life of soccer is and MVP award at 5 and several games of FIFA for XBox. So that gives me enough clout to talk about it. And let me state that I think it’s awesome that the entire United States are collectively cheering for one team. In every other sport we all have our own teams. This is just about the only time people in Ohio and Michigan, Georgia and Florida, Alabama and Everywhere else, will all be cheering for the same team. I loved seeing the reactions at the watch parties all across the country.

My issue is that the US is underdogs. Why the fuck is the US underdogs in anything?!! I mean we are 2 Time Defending World War Champions, have the best athletes in the world, and have the Funds and Facilities. And against Ghana? You can’t tell me that the US can’t field a team that is not only suppose to beat Ghana every time but at least be in the top 5-10 in the world? You gotta be fucking kidding me. Ghana?!! Ghana is a 3rd world country is it not? Close enough I’m sure. I mean they had to ration electricity for fucks sake so everyone would have a chance to watch it? The US has over 300 million people vs Ghana’s 25. And I’m willing to bet half of them are getting sent 2014 Miami Heat Champions Shirts any day now.

Either way I’ll be cheering the fuck out of the Ol US of A!!


And the Award for Cameraman of the year goes to…

Think this Camera man was on a mission or what? Dude has an eye for talent. All those crazy soccer hooligans and he finds the cute blonde of the bunch and zooms right the fuck in. I’d watch more soccer if they spent 80 minutes on the smokes in the stands and 10 minutes on the highlights and goals. Solid work my man, solid work.

Former UT Safety Charged with Murder

Former Vols safety Janzen Jackson has been in jail since September and has been charged with the murder of his mother’s long-time boyfriend. According to the Los Angeles Register, Jackson pleaded not guilty last month to the murder of 43-year old Frank Herrera. Prosecutors say Jackson strangled Herrera on Sept. 11 and left his body to decompose in the back of a car for three days. Jackson was arrested Sept. 15 and is being held at the Twin Towers correctional facility in Los Angeles on $1 million bail. Jackson was permanently dismissed from the Vols by Derek Dooley in 2011 after a variety of off-the-field issues. His next court date is scheduled for July 15.

It’s Murrrdaa!! Well I’ll be damned. Murder? Good god. I’m used to hearing about SEC players, past and present, getting locked up for DUI, Weed, Bar fights, or even throwing haymakers at women. But Murder? Shits been taken to a whole new level. This isn’t a UT or SEC problem though because this fucking idiot got the boot by Dooley back in 2011 after numerous incidents. Jackson was a highly touted safety who was suppose to be the next Eric Berry. So much for that shit. His downhill spiral started as a Freshman when he and 2 other teammates came up with the genius idea of robbing someone outside a gas station. In Knoxville. With a pellet gun. WHILE WEARING THEIR UT FOOTBALL GEAR.

“Role Tide” Represent at Bonnaroo


Well if this is right up Bad Grammar Sports alley, I don’t know what is. Over the weekend Manchester, TN hosted its annual Bonnaroo Music festival. They had a few Graffiti walls set up for the festival-goers to tag up and obviously a Bama Fan had to mark some territory. I like it. Represent your hood SEC. I probably would’ve put “GO DAWGS” up there. But you can’t fuck it up. I mean this person has probably been saying “Roll Tide” his who life. It was probably his 1st words if he comes from an Alabama family. At first I thought about giving him the benefit of the doubt that maybe this dude was fucked up out of his mind, it is Bonnaroo. But I’m willing to bet this dumb motherfucker sees nothing wrong with “Role Tide”. Probably been spelling it that way for years.