Top Player From Every SEC School in BCS Era

Last Night I came across a Bleacher Report Article where they listed their Top 10. I liked most of it but of course had my own opinions on it. That and it’s a slow ass day in sports and news.  So instead of redoing their list, I decided to pick the best players from each SEC school in the BCS Era. I mean I can only do so many World Cup posts and I feel maxed out already at 2. So with that being said, lets get back to FOOTBALL. Lets get the comment section going on this one!!


ALABAMA – Mark Ingram

This was a tough one. They have had so many defensive players that could’ve made it. All the dominant Offensive Lineman. AJ McCarron won 3 National Championships in his time in Tuscaloosa, 2 as a starter. He was a close 2nd but because he has a douchey tatoo and seems like a douchey dude in general, my vote goes to Ingram. He won the only Heisman in Alabama history and wasn’t a DOUCHE.

ARKANSAS – Darren McFadden

This one was a no brainer. Run DMC was a straight beast at Arkansas. Dude even split carries with 2 other NFL Bound RB’s in Felix Jones and Peyton Hillis. He was electrifying to watch and defenses wanted no part of him. Also a two time Doak Walker award winner. Unfortunately now, all he does is piss off Fantasy owners who think he might stay healthy enough to be a Flex.

AUBURN – Cam Newton

Scam Newton was also a given here. Say whatever about how he ended up at Auburn and the controversy during his season there. He was about a dominant as you get. Gene Chizik should have to give him weekly hand jobs for the rest of his life. Don’t think there was a worse coach to win a National Championship and he has Cam to thank for that.

GEORGIA – David Pollack

Not my favorite Dawg in the BCS era but absolutely the most deserving. 3 Time American, 2002 SEC Player of the Year, and a motor like Hemi. David Pollack was dominant and a fun player to watch. Sucks we never got to see what could’ve  been in the NFL but he left us with plenty of highlights from Athens.

FLORIDA – Tim Tebow

This is obvious. As much as I can’t stand him, he was the best player the SEC has seen in the BCS Era and arguably one of the all time best. If I didn’t say that, I’d probably end up in being struck down to hell as soon as I hit publish. Still loved seeing this moment though.

KENTUCKY – Jared Lorenzen

The “HEFTY LEFTY”. The “Pillsbury Throwboy”. The “Round Mound of Touchdown”. Gotta Love that dude.

 LSU – Patrick Peterson

I had this one between Peterson and Glenn Dorsey. Both were dominant and both we Defensive Players on the Year. I gave Peterson the edge because he a threat to take it to the house everytime he touched it on Special Teams.


Fucking A…this was a hard one. And not because they have had a lot of good players but just the opposite. Mississippi State Sucks. They don’t even deserve a video or picture.

MISSOURI – Chase Daniels

Another tough one because they don’t have too many stars. Thought about Brad Smith and Jeremy Maclin but went with Daniels because he owns all the Missouri QB records. Sorry no video or pic for you either Mizzou.

OLE MISS – Patrick Willis

I know, I know, What about Eli? Well I picked Patrick Willis because I’m scarred if he were to ever see this he would rip my fucking head off and I’m pretty sure I could take Eli.

SOUTH CAROLINA – Jadeveon Clowney

One play says it all…

TENNESSEE – Eric Berry

Peyton Manning missed this list by one year.

TEXAS A&M – Johnny Manziel 

Besides Tebow, this is the most obvious pick. Johnny Fucking Football. This video is worth an entire highlight film.


VANDERBILT – Jordan Matthews

Again, I know, what about Jay Cutler? Cutler is by far the most famous Vandy football alum but Matthews has records and wins. Matthews was a part of the best seasons Vandy football has seen and left owning the SEC records in Receptions and Yards. I have a good feeling that Jay would look like this after seeing my post.




3 responses to “Top Player From Every SEC School in BCS Era”

  1. Gene Mitchell says :

    I like the list but I’ve seen you fight and you couldn’t take Eli. Sean O.– trampoline– ’93ish.


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