RIP Tony Gwynn

We try and keep things raw and funny here at Bad Grammar Sport. But when the sports world loses a guy like Tony Gwynn, especially at the young age of 54, we gotta keep it real. Everyone who knows anything about baseball knows Tony was one of the BEST hitters the game has ever seen. The only time he hit under .300 in a season was his rookie year when he played in 54 games (he still hit .289).  He hit .394 in the strike shortened season in ’94. He never hit over 17 home runs in a season. He had 3141 hits over his 20 year career. And I think the most impressive stat is he struck out only 434 times.

What I loved most about Tony is that he was one of the good guys that played the game the right way. We know damn well he never touched steroids. I mean dude put on a ton of weight throughout his career but that was fat, not muscles, and he still raked the ball day in and day out. Tony is up there right now with a fat ass dip in his lip slapping the ball through the 5.5 hole


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