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Stark Vegas?!! Really? Stark Vegas?!!

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Get the fuck out of here. Mississippi State has stooped to a new low. If you want to know what I think of Starkville refer to my SEC Post last week. There isn’t a worse place in the SEC than Starkville. Who is the Miss St marketing department trying to fool? They should all be fired for False Advertisement. They couldn’t be more off. Samsonite…we were way off.  Stark Vegas…BAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Check out Auburn Ball Boy’s Groom Cake

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This is one Proud ass dude. I mean we’ve all seen the grooms favorite team depicted on a grooms cake with the logo, the field, or even the entire stadium. Homeboy just tried to trump all you assholes. What a fucking one upper this guy is. I’m hoping for his sake that one of his boys did this as a joke to mock him. Now that would be funny. I guess I get wanting to be a part of the team and be on the sidelines for games, that’s cool. But when you take it as far as putting your own figurine on your grooms cake and you were the ball boy…You really need to re-evaluate your life. There is only one ball boy that has the clout to put himself on his own grooms cake…Red Lightning!!

Aced the Granny…Flunked the Celebration

Well that was some shit. Never seen that before. But honestly though, I was more disappointed in the A’s bench celebration than I was impressed by the Hole in one. Really?!! The fucking bridge? Yeah I  remember that one from T-Ball. Actually I think that was the 1st team celebration ever invented. I’ve seen better shit from 10 year old girls softball teams. Dude just went yard with the bases jacked and that’s all you got? Hell, I was hoping Manny Machado was gonna stick his leg out and trip him rounding 3rd so we could finally get some punches thrown.

Pig With Poop on Balls > BJ Upton


I came across an interesting article earlier this morning, part of Mark Bradley’s blog on the AJC. Simple enough…Bradley essentially just came up with how he would fashion the Braves lineup if he ran the joint, and how terrible BJ Upton is. It got me thinking. Obviously, The Braves have a putrid offense, only 17 runs ahead of the god awful San Diego Padres for second to last in all of Major League Baseball, yet somehow remain tied for first place atop the grotesque NL East.

Bradley offers a decent strategy with his lineup, and one I partially agree with. Rookie second baseman Tommy La Stella is a step in the right direction at #2 – he makes contact, hits the ball to all fields, and strikes out at a rate at what seems exponentially less than previous meathead Dan Uggla. 

Bradley still keeps BJ Upton in the lineup, albeit in the 9-hole. Mine differs slightly. 

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Dairy Queen can kiss my ass

And if I see whoever wrote this song, which has been in my head for way longer than I can even admit, I’m goodfellas style pistol whipping that ass with a flip flop.


AL Man Charged with Killing Sex Offender…This one is some bullshit.

WTVC NewsChannel 9 :: News - Top Stories - AL Man Charged with Killing Sex Offender

NewsChannel9Police say an Alabama man is charged with killing the man who molested his daughter more than a decade ago. Sheriff’s officials say the father is charged with murder in the shooting of 59-year-old Raymond Earl Brooks. The Associated Press isn’t naming the suspect to protect his daughter’s identity. Brooks was a registered sex offender who was shot to death at his home in rural Cullman County on Sunday. Records show the suspect was a witness against Brooks in a case involving an 8-year-old girl. Brooks pleaded guilty to sexual abuse in 2002. Chief Deputy Max Bartlett says the father also is charged with shooting at a stepdaughter’s boyfriend. That shooting happened at a store moments before Brooks was killed.   Barlett says the motive in both shootings is unclear.

Um…Excuse me? The motive in the shootings is unclear? I mean what else do fucking need? A video taped confession saying, “Oh by the way I’m about to go kill SON OF A BITCH who fucked with my underage daughter.” I’m cool with a new rule where sex offenders not only have to be on a registered list, they should have to keep their damn head on a swivel for the rest of their lives. Not saying anyone can kill them but a friend or family member should get a Get out of Jail Free Card for that person.

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