Lose a Jeter, Gain a Powers

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I can’t stand the Yankees but I love this move. If your the Yankees why wouldn’t you pull the trigger on Kenny Powers. I mean you lose your long time captain and face of the franchise for the last 2 decades and who do you draft…Kenny Fucking Powers.


I like the Yankees about a little bit more now. It was with the 422nd pick in the draft but hell Johnny Foosball went 837. I hope to god this guy out of West Virginia (of course he is) becomes the Yankees Closer of the future and comes out of the bullpen rocking an American Flag cape and giving the DX “Suck it” after every K.

This was his quote after being drafted…

“I’ve been blessed with many things in this life: an arm like a damn rocket, a cock like a burmese python, and the mind of a fucking scientist.”

Ok that’s a lie, its just a quote from Kenny from Season 1 Episode 3. But that would’ve been great.





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